Saturday, October 15, 2011

Inspiration: Fall Leaves

I took a long walk yesterday with Jameson and Angus and collected a couple more leaves that had colors I couldn't just leave behind.

Fall leaves inspiration

Fall leaves inspiration

Fall leaves inspiration

One of the many purples that I love is included in a Minnesota fall.

Depending on the weather this afternoon, I may take another trip out to a different state park. This time it would be Buffalo River, which is also closer to me than Maplewood. I want to soak up as much of this season as possible before the snow flies.


piecemealquilts said...

LOVE these colors. When I think autumn colors, I immediately go to the bright oranges and yellows and they really don't appeal to me. The leaves you pictured would make great color palettes for quilts. I can especially see a rich purple and silvery gray, lilac and deep chocolate quilt with teeny-tiny touches of rust from that bottom picture.

Kelli said...

Those are gorgeous colors. What a great source of inspiration right in your own back yard so to speak. :) Don't blame you for soaking as much up as you can.