Saturday, October 29, 2011

Knitting for a Baby

Today I finished the commissioned items for an old classmate's baby (and business). I haven't given them to her yet because she is still in the hospital. I cannot wait for her to see them in person. I sent her these photos and she was pleased with them.

Finished Commission

I already showed one of the pods being modeled by a stuffed horse and here the two of them are together.

Finished Commission

She also wanted three hats, two of them the same style and the other a unique twist on a cabled hat. I am not going to lie and say this one was easy. I pretty much made up my own pattern after thinking over how knits are constructed. I also have to state that I still consider myself a beginner and that I am so proud of how all of these items turned out. This was my first time designing something and really encourage anyone who wants to try out something new to do it because it is so worth it! I did also make up the design for the basic beanies but they are just stockinette in the round, with decreases. Nothing to write home about, ya know.

Finished Commission

Finished Commission

Finished Commission

I will be making a larger version of my cabled design for myself. I know not everyone who reads my posts is into knitting, but I will share instructions for this design for anyone interested. Thank you to Krista for your excitement as I've been sharing these. In addition to this pattern, I am still working on a modification of the headband I made and will share that as well once it's done.

I still have some sewing projects to share with you and also need to get to work on my goal that I set over at Raccoon Creek Quilts. If you haven't heard, Candi is hosting a monthly challenge and for October it is to finish a UFO. I stated that I want to have my quilt top done from the KQAL. I have until Monday to do this and if I work on it tomorrow, I think I can do it.

I hope everything is having a great weekend!


Kelli said...

Gorgeous! :o)

Pam said...

Beautiful beanies...

Katie said...

Totally Adorable! They are going to look so professional in those newborn pics! I absolutely love the beanies, especially the cable you designed - it worked brilliantly ;)

Toni said...

Those are so cute, Katie! I love the little cabled one. Super-cool that you made up your own pattern, too! Good luck on finishing that quilt! Can't wait to see it!