Monday, October 17, 2011

First Knitting of the Fall

Despite having a (long) list of to-do's over the weekend, I put my focus on knitting. I wanted to finish this item because a woman at work expressed interest in having one so I told her I would work up a sample. I have had this headband bookmarked since last spring anyway, so two birds, one stone.

Cabled headband

Cabled headband

I hope she likes it! She wants one in purple, so if she approves, I will be whipping one up for her in that color (as well as for me, he he).

Halloween table runner pieces cut

I also made some progress on the table runner I'm going to make for Halloween. My goal is to get it done this week so it has some time to be on display this month.

Anyone else do some creating over the weekend?


Sana Saroti said...

Wow, I admire everyone who can knit like that! And the halloween fabrics look so cool. Wanna see the table runner!

Pam said...

You have such a wide variety of skills, Katie!!! The cable stitch is a good choice for the headband. It suits it perfectly.

kristastitched said...

yikes, I've never tried knitting, this looks fantastic! I made some fabric pumpkins over the weekend and worked on a vest for my roommate. Love weekend crafty time!

Katie said...

That knitting is awesome! I'm more of a crochet girl - knitting takes too much of something I don't have lol - but I'm so in awe of you for being able to make that... I'd wear it in a heartbeat ;)

Cindy said...

Very pretty. Knitting like that is fun.