Sunday, February 12, 2012


I spent some time on Friday and Saturday sewing a few pouches for myself. This served two purposes. One, because I really do need some for myself and just can't wait until I get mine from the Mouthy Stitches Swap at the end of the month/beginning of March. And two, to make samples to show my partner and get input. I had a lot of fun doing this and have even more ideas to get out.

Three Pouch Options

The first one I made I shared on Friday. It's the dumpling pattern from Keyka Lou. I smile just looking at it because of Little Red Riding Hood. Guess that means I need to use more of my stash of fabrics with her on them.

Pouch 1 - Little Red Dumpling Side View

Then I made a pouch using my orphan blocks from my Migration tutorial. This was made for the Monthly Challenge hosted by Candi and our challenge for January was to do something with our blocks. Well it took me until February, and up until late last night, I assumed I was going to make them into mini quilts. Since I didn't jump on that I'm glad I found a way to use them in a manner I can enjoy.

Pouch 2 - Side 1

Pouch 2 - Side 2

I didn't quilt this at all. It is lined with a green Kona cotton and has fusible fleece for some body. I put zipper ends on this one to give it a try. The tutorial I followed was not the best, so I won't link to it. I know where there can be improvement for next time though. It finishes about 10" x 11".

Pouch 2 - Lining

The last pouch I made I started with a loose plan. I knew I wanted to use the Heather Ross print and pulled linens that matched. I had an idea of size, which was smaller in my head than what it turned out to be. This one finishes about 12" x 13" and has a 2" depth at the bottom thanks to boxed corners.

Pouch 3 - Side 1

Pouch 3 - Boxed Corners

I played with some FMQ on the front and back, and also some running stitches on the front. Because this is for me, I didn't plan much of where the FMQ would go on the back. The "Wild at Heart" is a play on the wildflowers and also a line from a country song that I like. It's also a good way to describe me and is a side that most people don't see.

Pouch 3 - Side 2

I didn't sew on zipper ends on this one so I could try that too. Before making these, I had only ever put zippers in clothing, so this was an experience. I like both ways and don't find one harder than the other.

Pouch 3 - Lining Peek

The other sewing I did was for Chad's vest. We went to the fabric store when he got home from work and picked out fabrics to make two of them. He had wanted a tan twill and a black wool, but the wool was a bit expensive for us right now, so he will have a black twill as well. I measured him and made up a muslin to get the fit right. Luckily, it fits well without any adjustments. The only thing I will have to do extra is draft a collar for it, as the patterns available in the store didn't have one. Pattern companies should really make more of a variety for men's clothing.

The urgency to make these has increased. I don't think I shared the reason behind it, but he wants to have the black one to wear to his father's funeral. I told you that his father was going on hospice care, but the next day he was hospitalized because of fluid entering his lungs. We know the end is very near and as of my typing this (Saturday evening), he is still alive. I've been praying that he makes it through Sunday so we can see him in person as this may just be the last day we see him alive.

Sorry for the somber note, but it is on my mind a lot right now. I already have the ok to have a night off work for the funeral, once we know when it will be. This is very generous of my boss because since I am part time, I don't have all the benefits that full time employees have. And not being married to Chad, the death of any of his relatives doesn't fall under the funeral leave allowance.

I'm taking a few handwork projects with me to keep me occupied today. Like a lot of people, I don't do well with hospitals and death. Unlike many, I tend to get physically ill and can't sit still. (I missed a grandmother's funeral because I was in the bathroom throwing up, for instance.) I could have used something to work on the past few visits but didn't think to bring anything. This time I am prepared so my hands are at least doing something.

Ok, I think that's enough of me bringing you down. I should be back early in the week with more to share with you as I'm hoping to have another finish under my belt before Wednesday.


Candi said...

The pouches are great!

Im sorry to hear about Chads' father. My thoughts are with you.

MB in MI said...

You and Chad and his father are all in my prayers....I hope peace finds you all.

Sana Saroti said...

You did a great job with all those pouches!
My thoughts are with you, Chad and his family!

Pam said...

The two large pouches look fabulous!!! The orphan blocks look like they were made specifically for this pouch... love the blue. The stitching around the wildflowers really makes it stand out!!!

Thinking of you and Chad at this difficult time.

Janine said...

Your pouches are great!

Sorry to hear your news about Chad's father. Do take care of yourself as much as you can and do whatever you need to to keep well. I'm thinking of you both x