Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday and Camera Advice Needed

Wednesday already? I have to say today has been a pretty good day. We had critique of our first sculptures this morning and I will be sharing my final result with you on Saturday. It's a beautiful day outside and nearly 40 degrees. I really love this winter!

My only downer is that my digital camera is finally going out on me. While taking photos a little while ago, I hit the 'off' button and my lens wouldn't retract without me pushing it in place. I've had the same camera (a Sony Cyber Shot) for five years now. I'm not really sure what the lifespan on them are because it seems like most people I know replace them often. I assume it's because they want something new versus the camera breaking or dying. I had hoped to have this one for a few more years because it really has been a great camera. But now I'm shopping online for a new one and have no idea what to buy. The new models all seem to have so many features that I just don't need. I really only use a digital camera to document things, whether it is something for here or as inspiration. For any nice photographs I use my SLR because I know it takes great photos and I love shooting film.

Anyway, I'm wondering what camera you use and if you would recommend it. I found a possibility but it's so hard to determine based on reviews from strangers. Some people post reviews of something they have never even used. One person on Amazon rated the camera I'm considering after just testing it in the store! That is not an honest review in my opinion.

Now on with my weekly update.


Halloween Mini

Halloween Mini

Swoon Mini - now with a better photograph to show the quilting.

Sunflower Swoon in the Sunlight


Excuse the lint. It seems like my eyes are not as great as the macro function on my camera.

Progress Made:

Garter Stitch scarf - just a few rows this week. It will probably be spring before this is even done.

No Progress:

Sparkle QAL - I haven't done last week's sewing yet. I'm saving this for the weekend to catch up on/possibly finish it.

Dessert of the Month Club - I bought my supplies for the February dessert so now I'm all set to do both of the months so far. I'm using a 28 count Evenweave to stitch on. It was either that or a sparkly Aida. I bought sparkle thread and beads instead.

Dessert of the Month Club Supplies

Drunkard's Path QAL - Trimming=torture right now for me.

Sewing Machine Cover

Project for Migration Blocks - I've decided how I'm going to quilt them. Another project on deck for this weekend.

Wedding Present (embroidered towels)

Kaleidoscope QAL

Zig Zag QAL

Tangerine Tango Challenge - stalled until I get my Konas in the mail. They are set to arrive tomorrow, just in time to play with this weekend.

2012 Color Challenge: January - my fabrics for this are in the same order as for the Tangerine Tango fabrics. So yes, I didn't get this done in January. I do have a design I want to sew up though so I'm still going to do it.

Curves Class - starts today, but the projects aren't revealed yet.

For the Love of Solids Swap - partner assignment received and deciding on design/colors. I'm going to work on this this weekend. I put some solids I think my partner might like in my cart when I ordered for the challenges and I want to take a photograph of my selections to get input.

Made in Cherry QAL - fabrics picked out and I will be joining in. Depending on how everything else goes this weekend, I may tackle this one too.

Mouthy Stitches Swap - partner assignment received and am thinking about design ideas. I'm concentrating on this this weekend as well.

Embroidery Journal Project - I'm decided on a theme for the year but haven't stitched anything yet. I do have fabric to stitch on, so there's that. I need to draw up my designs so I can carry this project with me.

Embroidered Ornament set

Mini QT Swap - partner assigned today. Now to think about what to make her.

Project Quilting Challenge - didn't get this one done last week at all. I did buy fabrics and know what they will become. Even though I missed the deadline for this, I will be still making my design. The new challenge is going to be posted this Sunday.


Nesting Place class (starts Feb 13th) - this is one new project that I gave the green light to no matter what I have going on. This is the last time Mary is running the class and I fell in love with the needlebook we will be making.

Hand Pieced QAL - I'm listing this here so I don't forget about it. I haven't sewn any blocks by hand before and this is slow paced enough that I could catch up if I get behind. The end result will be a doll quilt sampler.

I had serious thoughts about joining in on round 12 of the Doll Quilt Swap, but in the end, decided against it. I do want to participate but the thought of adding that in was a little overwhelming. Since they've been swapping this long I think I can wait it out until lucky round 13.

My homework is looking to be light this weekend, aside from a test for my online class and making my cyanotypes for my final project on this method. For the most part there is a lot of down time because of exposing, so I can do this while working on other things.

I do have it planned to spend a lot of time working on this list. I should employ a "one in, one out" (if not more out) rule to keep this list under control. So far, so good.

As always, linking up at Freshly Pieced.

How are you going on your projects?


Domestic Moose said...

Your swoon mini is gorgeous! I love sunflowers.

Cindy said...

I almost exclusively use my iphone to take photos. It stinks at micro shots, but it is a wonder at quick snaps to show the progress of a quilt. Even better, I dont have to go through a bunch of hoops to upload or mail a photo.

Aps are getting better all of the time too.

I guess I'm all about ease.

Jennie {Clover and Violet} said...
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Krista said...

I LOVE that swoon block! Looks just like a brown eyed susan. Great job.

Jenelle said...

I have a Nikon dSLR and I love it. I originally bought it since Nikon makes some of the best lenses available (some great vintage ones too!) and in terms of cameras, the lenses are the most important to taking good quality photos in my opinion.

I love your sunflower swoon block!

Janine said...

You've got a long list! Looking forward to seeing even more lovely things. I have a samsung and my photos are dire but my son takes good photos and he swears by panasonics.