Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Or at least, I wish the entire day could be a lazy one. By that I mean a day where I could blow off all responsibilities and just sew. Alas, I have some cleaning to do and a little homework to work on. Then there is that little football game tonight that needs watching. Normally Chad and I just watch sporting events at home, but tonight we are going to his sister's house to watch it. I may just bring with me a portable project in case I am able to work on something.

I realized that I haven't shared any photos of my boys lately. I don't want this blog to be dog overload, but since they are by my side all the time at home, they do get in some photos that I take. Usually sniffing whatever I'm trying to photograph to share with you.

Jameson barks when he wants to play with Angus. Angus doesn't usually want to play with him though so it's just a lot of noise. Angus loves it more when I chase him around the yard, which gets Jameson running around too.

Angus and Jameson

And my constant companion. If I go outside, he has to come with. Angus got his hair cut early last week and looks so cute. Good thing I can squeeze him any time I want.


I bought new boots! I've been saving for a new pair for awhile now and stumbled upon these at a farm supply store. I was there looking for paintsticks that are used to mark cattle (they work well to draw with and blend like a dream) and saw that the boots were 20% off. I would have bought these anyway but it helps that they were on sale. Much better price anyway than the pair I really want. I just don't have a spare $600 laying around though. One day.

New Boots!

My solids arrived from So now this is my stash of solids, most of which are tagged for a few projects. I did order more than I needed so I'm hoping my partner in the FTLOS swap likes something there. If not, I do have more coming to me that are for the February color challenge. I'm hoping to actually get that project done before the end of the month.

FTLOS Selections

I also bought some books that I have been wanting for some time. I'm working my way through Adventures in Design right now and love it so far. I'll share more about what I think of them as I read through each one.

Study Materials

I also took advantage of free shipping offered by Tasia upon the release of her latest pattern. I now have all of the Sewaholic patterns in my stash. As much as I want to sew up something from them, and the others I have, I think clothing will not be made until late spring at the earliest.

Sewaholic Patterns

That's all I have for today! Have a great day and if I'm lucky, I will have a finished project to share early in the week.


Diane-crewe said...

I dont mind if the boys creep into your space xx

Toni said...

Awesome boots! If your partner doesn't see anything she likes in that stack I think she needs to look again. I'm going to go check out those patterns, too. Very cute!

Pam said...

Look forward to seeing the clothes you sew for yourself. Spring isn't that far away... for you anyway.

Janine said...

You've got a great stash and design inspirations there! Lovely to see your dogs :)

Jenelle said...

Those boots are awesome! I would love to get a couple more of the Sewaholic patterns, especially the new knit top. I really need to get some garment sewing done this year!