Saturday, February 18, 2012

Studio Saturday

I've been working on Chad's vests and cooking most of the day I almost forget to post this today! I'll make it quick because I need to go to bed shortly.

I have nothing to share from my sculpture class. I missed Monday and on Wednesday our instructor was gone. He had the opportunity to carve snow in Winnipeg, Manitoba for their annual Festival du Voyageur. If you ever get the chance to go to it, do it! I went many times growing up and always had fun. Chad doesn't have a passport (yet!), otherwise I would rope him into driving up there for a day. Anyway. We don't have class on Monday due to President's Day either.

In photography we are working with gel medium and digital lifts and transfers. I have a lot left to do for next week, but it's mostly prep work.

I do have these two examples to share. The one on the left is a gel medium lift (it feels like a plastic skin and can be applied anywhere) and the one on the left is a digital transfer.

Photo Lifts

Our final project for this section is supposed to be propaganda for an issue we feel strongly about. My issue is how people should be cooking at home instead of eating out.

I have quite a few paintings to share this week. These were done in class and supposed to be painted with reckless abandon.




Then we had the assignment to do that at home. I chose to do mine quickly and spontaneously, so I just picked out my neighbor's house to paint during sunrise.


The other outside assignment was to paint a Valentine's Day painting, but it couldn't be typical. I don't feel that February 14th should be anything out of the ordinary in a relationship, so instead I painted what love was. In our case, Chad and I offer support for each other and to show that, I painted a welding helmet (his creative outlet) and my sewing machine.


The most interesting day in class was when our instructor hypnotized us. Not in the bark like a dog, make a fool of yourself way, but to get into a deep state of relaxation. I've had this done by him before in a drawing class so I knew what to expect.

First he had us paint a still life prior to entering a relaxed state. We had 15 minutes for each of these. I didn't get very far on the first because I am a slow painter.


Then we were hypnotized and told to paint it a second time. I got a little bit further into getting it down, but it's still not finished.


For the third, he put us into a deeper state and told us to think about painting as a child and how free it was. I actually finished this prior to the time limit being up and managed to get all sorts of details in.


Over the weekend we are to use this exercise to paint more freely. We also start painting with oils next week, which I am so happy about.

Until next Saturday with my artwork. Hopefully I will have something to share on Monday. When making my list yesterday I forget to include my Mouthy Stitches pouch, which is what I will be doing after finishing one of the vests.

Have a great Sunday!


Pam said...

It's interesting hearing about your art and relaxation. Love the painting of your neighbour's house!!!

Sana Saroti said...

Hey Katie, love the graffiti and valentine's painting. And it's so cool to see what a difference the hypnosis made. On another note I was wondering if everything was ok since I didnt hear back from you for my last comments and it was kind of a touchy subject for you. I just hope I didnt write anything wrong.
Have a nice Sunday, xxo, Sana

Ricochet said...

Hypnotized? How cool! The progression of the 3 paintings is very interesting.