Monday, February 27, 2012

A Few Things

I know yesterday I wasn't sure if I would be posting much this week. Well, since Chad has left to be with his family for the week and I will not be joining him until the funeral Thursday, I found a few things to share. Yes, I already miss him and may actually get a lot done to just find a few distractions. He's not sure if he will be staying with his mother through the weekend either. Good thing I do have school and work too.

Anyway. I just got back from posting my swap package for Mouth Stitches. This had to get done today since we are expecting about a foot of snow tomorrow. I really hope she likes it and the scraps I sent along. The pouch finishes at 10"x8" and has a pocket on the inside.

Coming your way, partner

Peek of the inside

Last week, I got a package from my friend Janine. She had asked me if I wanted some fabric she wasn't going to use. I had been waiting for it and was happy to finally see it. Mail seems to take forever to get to me sometimes. Thank you again! I can't wait to put it to good use.

From Janine!

I meant to post about this last week, but it slipped my mind. This is why I write every single thing down right now. Kelsey gave me the Liebster Award last week and then Debbie did the same thing over the weekend. Thank you, ladies!

This award is for bloggers with 200 or less followers. As a part of it, you have to thank and link back to the blogger who gave it to you as well as pass it along to five other deserving blogs.

I never like picking for things like this because I don't want to leave anyone out, but I will for this, and I will list them in alphabetical order. This isn't to say that there aren't more blogs that I think deserve this award, fyi.

1. Echinops and Aster - Jenelle has such talent and makes beautiful things. If I lived closer to her she might find some of them missing. ;)

2. Krista Stitched - Krista also makes amazing things. Just check out her Rose Star blocks.

3. Making Rebecca Lynne - Becca is currently making life's greatest thing: another baby. I am in love with the quilt top she just finished along with so many other items she has sewn.

4. Rainbow Hare - Janine is another talented sewist and a sweet woman. She told me about some of the challenges I've been trying to participate in but haven't managed.

5. Sana Saroti - Sana is not shares her creations, but she has given peeks into her life in Berlin as well as visits to her husband in Texas. Fingers crossed they are reunited for good soon.

That's all I have for today. I hope your week has stated off well!


Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

I'm sorry to haer about your loss.
Your pouch is really sweet. I am sure your partner will love it!

Pam said...

Congrats on the well deserved award, Katie. The pouch looks fabulous. It's a great size!

Jenelle said...

Hehe! Thanks so much Katie! You can come visit me anytime. :)
I am sending good thoughts to you and Chad as you take the time to remember his dad this week. Safe travels for you both.

Janine said...

Your pouch looks great - lucky partner!

And thank you very much for the Leibster award. Lucy also gave it me and I was going to give it to you!

Sana Saroti said...

Oh, Katie! Thank you so much for the award. I didnt get to blog reading at all yesterday (it's 1:30am right now). Making some life changing decisions right now...
I have so many things to write about right now - I just dont get to it. Now you gave me another reason ;-) You would have definitely gotten the award from me, too!

Kelli said...

I love your pouch, so gorgeous, and what great fabrics you rec'd, they are so pretty! So sorry for the loss of Chad's father, I hope he has a safe trip. xo