Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I need to make this quick, so I will get on with it and link up at Freshly Pieced.


Three different pouches - Made for me but to test the waters with my partner in the Mouthy Stitches Swap. After getting reactions, I am going to take that and hopefully work on my swap pouch this weekend. This also means my Migration blocks can come off my list. Double duty projects are my favorite thing.

Three Pouch Options

Progress Made:

Quilt Challenge of the Month: February - We are to do something with Cathedral Windows. I am going to make an apron and have purchased the main fabric. Next to pick out the windows and I can get started.


Garter Stitch scarf - I've knit about an hour on this the past week. It really is just taking forever and I'm feeling guilt if I think about starting another knitting project.

Sewing Machine Cover - I had brought this to work on in the truck, but got frustrated with the plastic templates I'm using. I did manage to stitch one hexie to the rest before putting it away.

Wedding Present - This is so late that I am ok with sharing my progress visually. This has made the most progress this past week. I had left it with just the red part done. There are three more towels to go with it, all with different designs that I will be freehanding.

Twins Towel Progress

Nesting Place class - Linen is stretched, design is transferred, and I have started stitching a bit. This is my first project using stretcher bars and so far I love it more than using a hoop.

Nesting Place

Chad's vests - Fabric has been purchased and the muslin made. I need to draft the collar to add to it and get started on sewing these up.

No Progress:

Sparkle QAL - This is in the same state as last Wednesday. Hoping to work on it this weekend.

Dessert of the Month Club: January

Dessert of the Month Club: February

Drunkard's Path QAL

Kaleidoscope QAL

Zig Zag QAL

Tangerine Tango Challenge

2012 Color Challenge: January

2012 Color Challenge: February

Curves Class - I have been reading the posts but haven't made anything from the class yet.

For the Love of Solids Swap

Made in Cherry Swap

Embroidery Journal Project: January

Embroidery Journal Project: February

Embroidered Ornament set

Mini QT Swap

Project Quilting Challenge: Music

Project Quilting Challenge: Tools - I missed the deadline to win prizes but still want to make what I came up with. I have it in mind to go back to the challenges that were posted before I joined and do those too, but I think I should knock out more things here before I do that.

Hand Pieced QAL


Typography Challenge - I have a couple ideas for this one. After watching Pam from Threading My Way take part in these challenges, I couldn't resist anymore.

I think that's everything. I'm so behind in everything except school and work (which would be pretty impossible to get behind). My wish to have one snow day is probably not going to come true either. For everything to shut down here it needs to be nightmarish bad. Think hurricane force winds with heavy snowfall - like 15"+ at once.

I hope your Wednesday is going well!


Krista said...

yikes you have so much going on! My head would explode. Although I suppose if I made a list of EVERY project I've started but not finished, it would be seriously lengthy as well :D

Krista said...

i forgot to mention your cute pouches! good luck making your partner's this weekend :D

Toni said...

Gosh, how do you keep it all straight? I am amazed by all that you get done with your art, school, and work! Your pouches are cute, I'm sure your partner will be thrilled!

Pam said...

Look forward to seeing your ideas for the Typography challenge. I keep changing my mind... all part of the fun. The bird design on the linen should be fabulous when finished. I'm in awe of how much you do!

Kelli said...

Wow, that is a lot of projects!! Good luck. Love them, esp. your pouches. :o)

Kelsey said...

So many projects - How do you keep them all straight?! The pouches are great adn I'm excited to see the cathedral window apron!!!!