Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Misc Stuff

Since tomorrow is my birthday, I went with my annual tradition of buying myself a gift. This started as a teen when I would buy myself piercings and into my early 20's when I bought designer purses and shoes.

This year I decided on this:

Birthday Present

Weaving is on my to do list to learn for next year. And while this isn't the ridgid treadle loom I have my eye on, it will be a great tool for all kinds of things. The other loom I intend to buy early next year once I have saved up for it.

In the mail today was my ornament from the swap organized by Lindsay at Lindsay Sews! I love what Olivia made for me (two ornaments!) and she also included some holiday fabric and chocolates. Thank you, Olivia!

Ornament Swap Received

It looks like she hasn't received the one I sent yet, but once she does I will share what I made.

And finally, here is Cheeto in all of his glory. Angus is obsessed with him a bit and I can find him sometimes just staring at him in the living room.

Angus is obsessed

I just want to pinch his cheeks! Too bad I can't. I have it in mind to make a stuffed Cheeto, so then I can pinch all I want. (And please excuse how shaggy Angus is. He is desperately in need of a haircut.)

Love his face!

His poor legs. When I carried him inside again I knocked him into the wall so one of them fell off again.

Cheeto's feet :(

I need to find a place for him to live. As much as I love him, Chad isn't so keen on him, so the living room is out. Possibly my garden? Think he will keep some of the birds away?


Cindy said...

Lol. For a moment I thought you smacked Angus against the wall and broke his leg. So glad it was Cheeto instead.

Angus looks sweet all fuzzy.

Toni said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!! Your present looks fun, and much more practical than piercings or purses. Cheeto is cute, I bet it would be fun to have him out in the garden!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!!! Oh how tastes change over the years. Look forward to seeing what you make with the new kit.

Kelli said...

Cheeto would look great by the front door or in the garden. :o) I think he's kind of adorable. Too bad about his legs. :( Angus is a doll!! I didn't think he looked shaggy at all, but then again, Buster is a fur monster so maybe I don't have a good shag-o-meter. Look forward to seeing what you make with your bday gift.

stitchinglife.com said...

Happy birthday to you :-)

Olivia said...

happy birthday!

Olivia said...

Oh and I got my Awesome ornament from you today and the chocolate. Thank you so much its so cute!