Monday, December 19, 2011

Just Another Monday

Today was all about waiting in line. There were long lines at the bank and long lines at the post office. I expected it, but didn't plan for it. Oh well.

This weekend I finished up the embroidery for the market tote sew-a-long. I went a little overboard but I couldn't just leave it with minimal stitches. The flowers were screaming to be brought to life and the pattern that Jennie came up with is just great. If you aren't interested in sewing up the bag, you should at least make up this piece and frame it.

Market Tote Embroidery

I have a confession as well. Until this project, I couldn't make a French knot. I would struggle with them and usually find a way to get by or cheat. I'm thinking it was the floss I was using. This is the first time I've used perle thread for embroidery. Anyway, I am now hooked! I could have covered the entire thing with French knots. I just may do that one day.

Market Tote Embroidery

I used quite a variety of stitches to create different textures. If you are curious about a certain one, feel free to ask.

Market Tote Embroidery

And speaking of the lovely ladies at Clover & Violet, I found out that I won the drawing from the November stash project linky. I didn't win any of the Giveaway Day prizes, so this made my day.
In other news, I decided to treat myself to some fabric purchases because of the extra hours I have been working. I got my package from Fabricworm today, which is very impressive. I only ordered it on Friday. I'm still waiting on one other purchase which is scheduled to deliver Friday. In that order are my solids for my challenge block tutorial. So after Christmas it will be for that post.

From Fabricworm I picked up a half a yard of the scissor print and a couple yards of Essex linen. The linen is special because it will be part of my dyeing adventures after the new year.

New stash additions

The rest of this week I need to get working on my projects. I've been getting caught up in researching some things, which is fine, but is taking time away from actually doing anything.

I hope your Monday is treating you well!


Kelli said...

Fantastic stitching and great job on the french knots. :o) Love the scissor print!

Pam said...

Love the embroidery!!! The white flower really stands out.. great choice of colours.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

How beautiful!!! As for the lines, I always tuck a small book in my purse to read just in case everyone else in town wanted to ship a package at the same time I did ;)