Sunday, December 18, 2011

Enjoying a Warm Weekend

I've been finding it hard to stay inside and work on anything this weekend because of the warm weather we are experiencing. Today the temperature was in the 50s. 50s! In December! This really is unheard of in my part of the world. At least consistantly.

Of course the sun still sets around 5pm and the nights are freezing. We did have a light dusting of snow at the end of last week that is now gone today. It's really hard to get it through my mind that Christmas is a week away. I go outside and it feels so September/October, that I am fooled into thinking I have so much time left in the year.

I took Jameson and Angus on long walks every day this weekend. They pretty much demanded it. We didn't have a destination in mind and I let them lead the way. Angus has a near obsession with catching a squirrel so he sticks his nose to the ground and tries to jump up every tree we get near. If he happens to see one, then he is off in a jolt, always stopping short because of his leash.

Little girls always yell out at us and ask if they can pet them. The answer is always no because sadly, Jameson has fear aggression and I don't want him to snap at anyone. Strangely there weren't many people outside today, enjoying this rare treat from nature. This isn't a bad thing though because I love the silence that comes from walking the streets alone.

The skies were full of Canadian geese finally making their way south. I know this means that cold temps and snow are soon on their way. Inevitable, but not welcomed by me.

There were small and large v's of birds. They were honking to each other, and I imagine to me, saying, "Goodbye! So long! See you in the spring!" Their bellies were golden thanks to the setting sun as they cut across the pale blue sky. The wind was still and the sky had slight streaks of clouds.

I want to carry this walk with me through the winter that will be coming soon. I eagerly await the return of the geese as they stop over for awhile before heading north to their homes.

My evenings have been filled with my weekly cleaning and some progress on my project list. I hope to finish up something tonight and will be back tomorrow to share it with you.

How was your weekend? Did you find some magic on these days of rest?


Pam said...

You're experiencing warm weather for Winter, while we're experiencing cool weather for Summer. It's been in the mid 20s for ages, with lots of rain, also unusual for us at this time of year. Today it's 23ºC, which is about 74ºF. Normally it would be very high 30s by now. I can't imagine what it would be like to live where there's snow. Enjoy your warm weather...

Toni said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend, Katie! Our weather was really nice, too, though I admit to spending most of the time inside either in the kitchen or at the sewing machine. Hope you and Chad have a great Christmas!

Diane-crewe said...

here in the UK it is cold, wet and DARK for most of the time...however tomorrow is the shortest should get lighter from here on...hopefully!! I work nights so try and go out every day...I have 2 dogs also, and they are ALWAYS happy to go out xx enjoy your nice weather while you can xx