Sunday, July 1, 2012

To Do First: July

First, I'm going to recap my list from June. This idea for a monthly to do list was all Charlotte's idea and hopefully she is settled in after her move to have a link up again. If not, check our her blog anyway. She comes up with some beautiful things that will make you wish you thought of the idea first.

Must Do:

1. Camp Loopy Project 1 - done!

Fern Scarf

2. Hand Quilting Challenge - started but right now it's a failure until I get my hands on the right needle to do it.

Hand Quilting Fail

3. Handstitched Class - I have finished one project and have materials set aside for the others.


4. Garden Tote - this is in the same status as it was at the start of the month. I have all the thread out on a side table still (collecting dust) and am pretty surprised Chad hasn't said anything about it yet.

5. Embroidery projects for the online classes I am taking - well I started a project for each of the two classes but haven't made much progress. One is done and over and the other is finished but the class materials are available indefinately. I will get to working on these again.

6. Drunkard's Path quilt - ha!

Might Do:

1. Nesting Place needlebook - the embroidery is staring at me every time I sit down to sew but I haven't stitched any more on it.

2. Hand Pieced QAL - I have the second block cut out and ready to be stitched together. Erin is settling in after moving to her dream home in the country (totally jealous!) and hasn't posted the finishing instructions, giving me time to catch up.

3. Dessert of the Month Club - the supplies are in a project bag ready for when I have time.

4. Garter stitch scarf - ha ha ha.

So, now on to July. I mentioned before that I am settling on having Sundays for my sewing days. Today is no exception, except for some cleaning that does have to get done. I also will have Wednesday off for Independence Day, so I'm planning on working projects all day as well. Not gonna lie, but I will probably knit all day and watch Army Wives. I'm completely hooked after resisting all the time. No satellite means more online streaming.

Must Do:

1. Camp Loopy Project 2 - I have no doubt this shawl will be finished in a week. The deadline is July 27th to finish so I do have time, but I just can't put it down once I start working on it.

Line Break Progress

2. Handstitched Class - I want to catch up with the projects so far, especially the class quilt.

3. Drunkard's Path quilt top - trying this again in baby steps to finish for the Finish-a-long.

4. Hand Quilted mini - since it is in the quilting frame already, I can do this one this month.

5. Garden Tote - honestly, I haven't had time to plant my garden (either I work too late the night before to plant in the cooler mornings or it is raining) but I want to finish this so it doesn't lie around until next year.

6. Modernista Homemade Swap - I need to come up with a design for my partner still and find fabrics in my stash. Mailing is by July 30th.

7. RATZ Swap - I haven't received my partner info yet. Mailing is by the end of the month.

Might Do:

1. Piper's Journey - there is an informal knit-a-long going on Ravelry but I have been only working on this during my dinner breaks at work so I am behind the suggested pace. If I finish CL project 2, I will probably work on whipping this one out before the third project cast on date.

Piper's Journey Shawl

2. Hand Pieced QAL - like stated above, Erin hasn't been able to post finishing so I can catch up on this and finish it when the instructions are posted.

3. Garter stitch scarf - I have it in mind to work on this once my CL project is finished.

This list is completely doable if I stick with it. The trump card is once my position changes at work I will be working more (still not official but the job is mine). It's a salaried position and it is expected that I work 45-50 hours a week. I just have to be productive with my free time and it should all work out.

What do you have planned for July?

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Charlotte said...

Wow so many projects!!! How are you getting on? Loving all that knitting and hand stitching! I think I need to sort out some portable projects like those for evening tv sewing! Thanks for the lovely compliments too xxx