Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Magical Moment

These photos have nothing to do with this post. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, so you will have to imagine the magic I experienced. Plus, you have to admit my dogs are adorable and so gracious to be modeling my shawl for me. Photos of me wearing it will come soon.

Today I experienced a little magic. Amazing considering my mood and the fact that I didn't want to be around anyone (save for Chad and my dogs). But, Chad's family had planned a little milestone birthday celebration for him (40th) and a couple other family members who hit 30 and 50.

Jameson in Piper's Journey

The party took place at a lake in Minnesota. One day I will share the lake country with you some more. It is beautiful and green, with gently rolling hills. So unlike the flat plains that I reside on. This landscape change is just miles away and holds all of the lakes that Minnesota is famous for. (Seriously, forget the Twin Cities [Minneapolis/St. Paul] if you come visit. Please visit the state parks and enjoy the outdoors. If city life is in your travel plans, I do recommend Duluth, which sits on Lake Superior, housing the amazing Splitrock Lighthouse.)

Angus in Piper's Journey

The big highlight for me was not the party at all. The heat and humidity truely ruined any chance of me wanting to be outside. But then we were told of a bald eagle's nest on the lake that has three young eagles. A trip out on the pontoon was in the plans and I couldn't wait.

Jameson in Piper's Journey

This is where I wish I had a camera. Imagine looking ahead and seeing water as still as glass. The reflection of the lush, green trees are mirrored in it's surface. The only sounds are the gentle purr of the pontoon motor and the sporadic loon calls (my favorite sound). You are the only vessel on the water.

Slowly, you pass by secluded cabins and bunches of dead trees still clinging to the earth. You are taken around a corner and nestled in one of the dead trees - a massive truck with branches still reaching to the sky - is the largest nest you have ever seen. Surrounding the nest are three eagles with their wings slightly spread, motionless like statues decorating a building. Nowhere to be found are the mother and father eagles. It is still silent. The sun is starting to set, casting a glow upon everything, amplifing everything - the colors, the reflections, the eagles standing proud on their tree.

Trolling along the lake shore, you go back around the corner and are finally able to breathe. Magic, pure and simple. The kind that probably couldn't be captured with a camera and an experience you are not soon to forget...

Seriously, if I could have had all of you with me today, I would have jumped at the chance. I am still in awe and will continue to be for some time. This is life and how I want to live out my days. Finding magic and seeing it with my own eyes.


Pam said...

Your description paints a glorious picture, Katie!!! Lucky girl to see that!!!

Cindy said...

They are indeed a majestic sight. I wish more people could see it. Thanks for sharing the moment.

Diane-crewe said...

that was as good as a picture xx LOVE the pictures of the dogs x they look so misersble its funny xx My daughter regularly dresses my dogs... they have that same long suffering miserable look !! lol, x

Diya said...

your dogs are so cooperative ha ha. also they have posed so very well.