Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Even though it was in the mid-90's with humidity nearly as high, I had planned on shooting photos of my most recently finished shawl. I was going to suffer for it and don wool but after arriving at the location I was going to take the photos, I discovered I left my camera at home. I totally blame the heat. So now this is on deck for tomorrow.

Handprinted Swap received

I did finally get the last of my swap fabrics from the handprinted swap I was in. Now I can think of how to cut into them and use them up.

Handprinted Swap Received

Handprinted Swap Received

Handprinted Swap Received

More yarn came today. I ordered for the third and final project for Camp Loopy. The requirements are that we knit more than 500 yards, has to have at least two colors (a single variegated yarn doesn't count), and it has to be a pattern we haven't done before. Considering that I mostly have knit my own designs or just basic items the last is a piece of cake. It was hard to narrow it down as my queue on Ravelry has grown to way too many items. I did settle on a two color shawl that is going to be a challenge for me. The start date is July 27th so it is some time before I will start knitting it. First, to finish project two.

New Yarn

The yarn for that shawl are the three skeins on the left. The middle two skeins are going to be a pattern of my own design. The colors are the exact same as what I see out the window at work, looking out onto the prairies and farm fields (bonus to working on the outskirts of town). I know what I will be doing, I just need to figure out stitch patterns to get there. This is going to be a long time coming. The two skeins on the right are going to be another shawl/scarf.

I am trying to only buy yarn with a project in mind but I fear that I will soon start stashing without anything to use it with. Much like we all start with fabric.

Since we cancelled our satellite service, I have been watching more things from my Netflix queue. I zipped through Army Wives and am not so patiently waiting for season six to be available. Now I'm getting into a show called Land Girls. Any tv shows that you are obsessed with? (I've seen Downton Abbey already which I know is one of the biggest crazes right now.)

Because of being out of town on Saturday, I lost my Sunday of sewing due to working on my normal Saturday tasks. I'm thinking I'm going to have to work in some make up time this week. I do have swap items to get cracking on, after all.

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Cindy said...

The yarn is beautiful!

As to tv....I don't controll the remote...but I do like White Colar and Covert Affairs. Watched Lord of the Glen on netflixs...very fun.