Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hand Quilting Challenge Wrap Up

June sure flew by for me, did it for you as well? It's time to wrap up my month of hosting the Quilt Challenge of the Month started by Candi at Raccoon Creek Quilts.

After waffling through the month on the mini I was making to quilt, I then started the quilting the past week. I was using size 8 perle thread, which I do like the look of. The problem for me is using a straight needle. See?

Hand Quilting Fail

The stitches are uneven and spaced further apart than I would have liked. I thought I had some curved needles but wasn't able to find them and had no time to make it to Joann's to buy a pack. So, I am considering this a fail for now. I will be looking some more for the needles at home tomorrow and if I cannot find them will be making it a point to go to Joann's either before work or during my dinner break.

How did you do? Please link up and share your experience with this challenge! I will leave this open for a couple weeks to give you time to join the linky.

Thank you, Candi, for letting me host in June!


Pam said...

I have never sewn with a curved needle and didn't know it would make a difference to how even the stitching would be. It's good to know.

Candi said...

It looks great! I was having the same problem with unevenness and spacing. I never thought to try a curved needle either!