Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Past Few Days

I promised an update on the Hand Quilting Challenge this weekend. I spent most of the day today in my sewing room working on a few projects. One of them is a secret (yes, I hate when other people say that, but it is what it is) so I will share that soon. Then I finally had decided on the backing for this challenge quilt so I sewed that up and then thread basted it (photos below). I also hand printed some fat quaters for a swap I am in. The mailing deadline is tomorrow and I was trying to decide how to print them. They are still drying so I will share photos of them later this week.

Ready to Hand Quilt

So here is my quilt all ready for hand quilting. I will not be starting on it tonight but will be working on it this week. If you are participating along with me, how is yours going?

Hand Basting


My day spent sewing was a result of finally (!!) finishing my scarf for Camp Loopy. I cast off on Saturday and then washed it today so I could lightly block it. It is still drying as well, so I will be taking photos tomorrow to share with you and also to submit to The Loopy Ewe. I love it so much and will be wearing it often.

The cast on date for the second project is Wednesday, so that gives me some time to work on other projects before throwing myself into that one. This project has to be at least 800 yards and despite knitting my 400+ yard scarf in a little over a week, I am not sure I can manage this one if I have to frog it or another problem happens.

I do have yarn for a couple other projects that I will be starting in July. The first is a mystery knit-a-long designed by Stephen West. I will be using Swans Island for that one. The second is a shawl knit out of Quince and Co. Chickadee. The Chickadee is so soft that this one is going to be hard to put down once I start.

New Yarn

New Yarn

Other than that, I have a little progress on the work front but don't want to talk to much about it until it's official. All good things.

I think I have found my mojo again so I should be posting more often. I think it has to do with us cancelling our satellite service so the tv is off most of the time. I've been listening to some podcasts, which are new to me, so if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them.

I hope your weekend treated you well. See you tomorrow!

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Janine said...

I love the softness of the colours in your quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing how you quilt it :)