Saturday, June 2, 2012

To Do First (On the Second)

I meant to do this post yesterday, but the day completely went away on me. Today pretty much has as well, but I have been getting some things done, so all is not lost.

I had one finish off of my list from May. Just my lonely Sparkle mini. The funny thing about this mini is what Chad has now done with it. After I finished it, I put it on our kitchen table to act as a table topper. I went to work and when I came home I found he had flipped it over. He really doesn't like the top at all! And actually asked me why I would put the backing fabric on the back. That's the side he likes so I'm thinking I may have to make another one for the table featuring that fabric.

Finished Sparkle

For June, I'm switching up some of the things on my list. I've been carrying over everything month to month, but have some new projects that I know will take priority. So let's get on with it.

Must Do:

1. Campy Loopy Project 1 - my poor scarf that I decided to frog last night and start over. I didn't like how wide it was and was afraid I would run short of yarn before it got to a length I would be happy with. So 100 knit rows came off and I'm starting anew today. This project must be finished by June 27th.

2. Hand Quilting Challenge - I'm hosting this so I must follow through. :)

3. Handstitched Class - this starts on Monday and I love the three projects that are being presented in the first week.

4. Garden Tote - this should be a quick one once I dive back in.

5. Embroidery projects for the online classes I am taking - I've fallen a bit behind and want to catch up with them.

6. Drunkard's Path quilt - this one just needs to get finished.

Might Do:

1. Nesting Place needlebook - good thing that the instruction for the class is still available since it finished awhile back. Oops.

2. Hand Pieced QAL - I have a number of other handwork projects going on, so this one isn't really at the top of the list right now, unfortunately.

3. Dessert of the Month Club - another quick one to catch up on, but I just need to sit down and do it.

4. Garter stitch scarf - if I happen to finish my Camp Loopy project early, I'm going to tackle this one. I really need the needles free in case I need them for another project.

I think that will do for this month. I have decided to try not to overload myself so much. What are you planning on working on this month?

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