Saturday, April 7, 2012

FAL Quarter 2 Goals

It's time to publically proclaim my goals for this quarter and link up to Rhonda at Quilter in the Gap. Remember, if you missed linking up the first quarter, you can join in on this one!

I'm hoping for more finishes from this list in this quarter. Since I only finished one of the five I had on my list, those four are going on this quarter's list. I'd like to say it will be possible as my classes are wrapping up, but last year, once spring semester let out, I started working full time over the summer. That was due to extra help being needed thanks to the flooding in western North Dakota, which will not be happening this year, but we are busier than last year already, so who knows.

Enough shop talk, as my part time job isn't really that exciting. What is, is my WIPs. I was going to take current photos of these today, but the wind has been insane, so older photos will have to do. Honestly, some of these projects still look the same today as they did the last time you saw them.

1. Garter stitch scarf - this will definately be a challenge to finish. Knitting for winter when summer is approaching is not appealing to me at all. However, I started this scarf in the fall of 2010 as my first big knitting project. I have since then completed other knitted items and neglected this one. I have no excuse especially since I love the turquoise yarn (even though it is acrylic yarn, not wool). Fiber content is probably why this is still unfinished. I initially bought inexpensive yarns to learn with, as well as the cheap aluminum needles. I now like to use natural fibers and have a love for bamboo needles. Anyway, finish it I will.

First scarf I started

2. Sewing machine cover - now that I have our spare room all to myself for a sewing space, I really want to finish this up. I've been making steady progress since switching over to paper templates. Now I just need to think more about design, as I will be embroidering some linen to sew together with the linen. I have pulled it out a few times to contemplate it, which is stalling progress.

Hexie progress

3. Late (very late) wedding gift - my ultimate goal is to finish these by their first anniversay in September. There will be four towels with a different design on each. I am still working on the first towel.

Twins Towel Progress

4. Drunkard's Path quilt - I haven't touched this one in weeks. I think I still have some trimming to do on the small blocks before they can be sewn into the larger block.

DPQAL Blocks-to-be

Those were all on my list for the first quarter. I initially thought (ha!) that I would finish the DP quilt so I could then tackle another larger quilt I have started from a QAL (there are three). I went back and forth about if I should put a second one on this list, and finally thought I don't need to add pressure to myself. Not that there is pressure here.

5. Sparkle mini quilt - I finally decided on this one to be added to this list. I hate that it hasn't been finished and really, all because I made an error and have yet to take my seam ripper to the last block. Sad, but true.

Sparkles... almost there!

Another project to complete soon is to finish putting together my sewing room. Chad put up shelves for me today, so now I can fill them up with fabrics and other goodies. Once I have it organized, I will share my small space with you. I love to see where other people work and imagine I'm not the only one.

New shelves!

So, I will be spending part of Easter organizing as well as spending some time with Chad's family. I hope your weekend has been treating you well!


Toni said...

I love the color of your scarf! I totally understand not being that excited to work on it right now, though. Have fun stocking those shelves, too!

Anonymous said...

I love bamboo needles too. I found the aluminum ones to be too slick for me and my stitches were constantly falling off the needle. Love the shelves!

Quilterbell said...

I love the colors of your projects!, I have a feeling they are going to be gorgeous!.

Quilter in the Gap said...

OOOOOO I love to see where other people sew. Please let me know when you post these pictures. So much fun!!!