Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Jumble

Thank you so much for your input on fusible web yesterday! If you missed my plea for suggestions, feel free to still chime in with the product you favor (if you use it, that is).

I didn't get as much done over the weekend as I thought. To fight my blues on Saturday, I opted for lots of physical movement. I took my dogs for a walk, rode my bicycle around the neighborhood, and also helped Chad with some yardwork. Normally, he does it all himself since that is how we split the household duties (I get the interior work), but I just needed to move. I can't say it made everything better, but my mood did improve.

On Sunday, Chad left for the day to help his mother go through his father's things. I had to go to school to prep a large canvas for class, and while I knew it would not be a quick task, I got caught up talking to some other people who were also in the studio. Not a bad thing, but did put me behind in completing my tasks for the day.

The images I have to share with this post have nothing to do with my weekend though.

Earlier in the week, I did finish the embroidery and finishing work for my hoop for the Wild Olive Swap. But due to my tight schedule, I couldn't make it to the post office to send if off by the end of the month. I may live in a smaller city, but the postal workers at our post office are chatty, so no matter how many people are in line, there is always at least a 30 minute wait. It actually seems like the fewer people waiting means they can talk more. Perils of smaller town living, I guess.

Finished Swap Piece

I also realized I never posted about the papercutting adventure I'm taking. I have been slowly plugging away at this one for the past month. It is not my design, but a pattern purchased from the artist Elsa Mora. It is far from perfect which is to be expected for my first time. I have a few more of her designs to cut out and then will move into playing with my own creations. This sort of detail work is great for my focus.


I have also been watching more documentary tv instead of my usual mindless crap. My current favorite is the Frozen Planet series being ran by Discovery. The imagery is just amazing. I usually do something else while "watching" tv, but with this program, I sit in awe. I see so many possibilities for translating it into fabric. One example is this still that I had to photograph from our tv. I just could not find the image online anywhere. (And obviously I am not taking credit for anything other than taking the photograph of this amazing sight.)

I missed the series Planet Earth when it was aired, but know that it will be the next thing I watch.

I hope your Monday is going well. I am still slowly catching up with all of your blog posts and my emails. See you here next for WIP Wednesday!


Pam said...

Did you use a craft knife for the paper cutting? The embroidery looks great! Love the detail on the flower.

Sana Saroti said...

I love to watch ducomentaries, too!
And I love your finished hoop.
Yesterday, I couldnt really help out with an answer, since I have only used that stuff from Joann's and it worked for me.