Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Two Projects from One Yard Wonders

I shared my fabric choices for these two projects awhile ago. I finally sewed them both last week and took photos today.

The first is the Clothespin Apron (which I will probably use in the garden too). I love this Anna Maria Horner fabric so much and am glad I found a project that would show off the large flowers. I followed the directions in the book and found that there were some steps I would have changed. Otherwise, it went together really quickly. This book should have a tag line of One Hour Wonders as well, as the three projects I have made from it went together so fast. I will definately be buying a copy of this book.

Clothespin Apron from One Yard Wonders

The second project I did was the cape. I love this piece and the wool blend fabric I picked out is so soft. I will definately make this again and have dreamed up a cape that's a little longer (will need to be pieced, of course), with a collar and hood, and a silky lining.

Capelet from One Yard Wonders

Chad asked me why I would even make a cape and my reply was that I love them. I even have a pattern for a crocheted cape, which I will be working on over the winter. Because I felt this piece needed to be shot in action, you get photographs of me with Jameson and Angus at one of the parks in our town. Please excuse the faces I was making in some. I'm not up on my modeling and wasn't posing for the self timer each time. I also chopped four inches off my hair last night. And I do mean that I did it. I've been cutting my own hair since I was in high school and wouldn't have it any other way. This is my version of short hair. I will have long hair as long as I'm alive.

Capelet from One Yard Wonders

Capelet from One Yard Wonders

Capelet from One Yard Wonders

Capelet from One Yard Wonders

I'm also linking up at Lily's Quilts for the Small Blog Meet (again, lol). If you're visiting from there, thank you for stopping by and feel free to peek around a bit.


Toni said...

The apron is cute and will be so handy! The cape looks fun, too, and I love the action shots!

Lauren Rose Deitch said...

The apron... I love it. Such a stunning fabric choice. And the cape is gorgeous! The photos of you, the cape, and the cuties are so lovely. Fall has really arrived where you are! I'm coming over from Small Blog Meet. Hope to see more. <3

Jenelle said...

I just came over from Lily's. Your cape is wonderful (and has me thinking maybe I need one myself!).

Allison said...

oh, I love your cape! And with hair that beautiful, it should definately be worn long :)

JanuaryT said...

I love the apron & the cape is fun a lot of fun!! Are doing the color wheel charm swap round 2, if so I am as well! There are some amazing fabrics- I can't wait! I'm so excited about the small blog meet, I have found a lot of cool blogs and can't wait to follow you as well. Please stop by mine as well & have a great day!

Norine said...

Capes are fun aren't they? And I'm so with you on the long hair bit too. Totally agree. I've had short hair twice maybe? and I hated it!

Looking forward to seeing what else you're up to this month!