Sunday, November 13, 2011

Found Around Blogland

This week as not been productive as far as completing projects goes. I have been brainstorming though and getting some things done for school.

The major one was writing a piece for the review I have to do this upcoming Friday. The writing is due tomorrow and I'm pleased that I got it done early. It wasn't like it was challenging really as we just had to write about where we are in our degree, where we have been as far as classes go, and where we want to go as we progree through school and after. Basically making everyone think about their future now instead of just weeks before graduating. Luckily, I have already been contemplating this topic and now I will have the chance to bounce it off of my instructors and get some tailored assistance from them. Now I have to put together the PowerPoint I will be presenting and in order to finish that, I need to finish photographing and scanning the work I want to showcase.

During my breaks from working on this and other things I've come across some posts on other blogs that you may be interested in participating in.

First up is something I've mentioned before. Candi at Raccoon Creek Quilts started a monthly challenge in October. I didn't finish my goal for that month, but that's ok. I did get all the blocks done and two rows sewn on my kaleidoscope quilt. I may finish is sometime this year hopefully. Anyway, this month she put forth the challenge to design a quilt block that finishes at 12". I've had some down time at work so I do have some sketches made. I need to figure out measurements and maybe make a test block. She didn't say if that was part of the challenge this month, just that December will tie in with this design. If this is something you want to do, head over to her blog and jump in!

Second is from Debi at My Happy Sewing Place. She may not be familiar to you as she doesn't quilt. If you are interested in vintage style and garment sewing, you may have come across her. However, what she came up with can apply to anyone in blogland. She wants to make the week of November 21st the Sew Grateful Challenge. Basically, make a post that week in thanks to other bloggers. Either by using something you have won in a giveaway, joining in a sew-a-long/knit-a-long/etc, or using a tutorial. I plan on doing this purposefully that week and if you want to as well, swing by her blog, let her know you are in, and grab a button!

The last two things are more general in nature because they apply to creative challenges. The first I came across last year, and did participate with a different blog I had, but life got in the way and I really didn't like the focus of that blog. I will be joining in again with the monthly prompts from Creative Every Day, even if I can't do something every day. The other is new to me as of today, and is also a monthy prompt to apply to any sort of creative output. Julia Crossland runs the Being Creative Project and hosts a monthly link-up to show off what you have done.

Whew. At first I wasn't going to post about these because really, do I need more going on in my life? But I also like some focus and love the community that I have found here. I hope at least one of these sparks your interest as well and that you will join in with me.

Now to get back to some school work. I also need to finish reorganizing my workspace. I'm downsizing a bit and need to weed out some things. I'm taking the approach of a fresh space fostering a refreshed mind and focus to get things done. With my birthday (30!) approaching as well I want to think about goals for the upcoming year as well.

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