Monday, November 7, 2011


I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was able to get a lot of things done around the home and for school. Not much creating except for finishing a hat. I still need to take photos of it and will be sharing with you. If I keep on making fun winter items, I will actually be looking forward to the cold tempatures and snow if only to use them.

Today I thought I would get out some things I've been thinking about.

Firstly, I stumbled upon the blog of Melody Miller and she posted sneak peaks of her next line, Ruby Star Shining. I am particularly in love with the typewriter print and may have to buy a bolt in each colorway.

(Image borrowed from her blog.)

For a drawing class I did my final project using a typewriter and watercolors. I was given a vintage one by Chad's sister which belonged to their mother. Writing about this reminds me that I need to find a place for it so I use it more. There is just something charming about typewriters to me. I first learned to type using one and it factors in to many memories from my childhood.

Speaking of my childhood, I used to have a few pen pals that I wrote to for years. From time to time I miss the physical act of writing. I feel like we are expected to type everything on the computer, that when it does come to writing something out, I just want to go on and on. I don't know how much interest there is in straight out letter exchange, especially with e-mail being so quick and easy. Nevertheless, I've been searching for some stationary online. I've fallen hard for a few around Etsy and on Gadabout, but the prices seem high to me. I will probably splurge on this design though because I haven't been able to get it out of my head.

Tying in with pen pals is the concept behind swaps. Certainly I am not alone in the love of getting mail. It's all over the blogsphere and Flickr. I joined my first one with the Color Wheel Charm Swap and am watching and waiting to join in on a few others. I've also been thinking of starting one of my own. The first idea that came to mind would mix in mini quilts/mug rugs with artist trading cards or postcards. I was sketching up some ideas for a stitched Minnesota postcard and thought it would be fun to exchange them. Anyone interested in something like that? It would be something different, as far as I know, and a small project. There could be other themes too if there is interest. Or else maybe I can send out one to anyone who wants to make one for where they are from.

I think that about covers the topics that have been bouncing around in my head. I'm hoping for some quality time with my sewing machine and maybe my crochet hooks. I think I need a extra set of arms and hands so I can work on both of them.

Happy Monday!


Pam said...

Hi Katie, I haven't taken part in a swap yet, but would be keen to. I've only done the tiniest bit of quilting on a cushion, so it would be a good beginning for quilting for me.

Rachel Hauser said...

Thanks for your very helpful comment, Kate! And, I too find typewriters completely charming. I think they're lovely decorations in their own right.

Rebecca Lynne said...

Holy blank! Love the typewriters. Damn you MM! I need to stop spending $ on fabric! Just emailed you about my recent swap experience. We will have to chat further. ;)

Lauren Rose Deitch said...

I know how you feel about needing an extra set of arms for crochet and sewing machine. :D That Melody Miller line is gorgeous... I love a dose of retro flair!

Toni said...

Very cool fabric and stationary! I used to have a Norwegian penpal and thought it was so cool. Also, how fun is it to get cute letters in your mailbox? I may have to go browse for some new stationary. Your swap idea sounds really interesting!