Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My First Quilt and a Little Pottery

I mentioned before that I was going to share the first quilt I ever made once I photographed it. Well, since I made it for one of my classes, I documented it for the portfolio presentation I have to give this Friday.

This isn't the best picture and I didn't think to take detail shots for you. This is based on the King Arthur legend and involves quilting, applique, and embroidery. It was made for the final project in a 2D design class and the one stipulation was that we had to spend at least 30 hours on the project. With all of the hand work I easily bypassed that and didn't really finish it as I would have if I didn't have a deadline. I am nothing if not ambitious, however, and do intend to tweak some things on it before I call it completely done.

First Quilt

It's obviously not fuctional and meant to be hung on a wall. In fact, I haven't completed a fuctional quilt (yet). By the end of the year I will change that.

I also have some of my finished ceramic bowls to share with you. I love them and am so happy that I was able to learn a new skill. I have three more bowls that are similarily glazed, as well as 14 other pieces that I still have to glaze. I don't know if I will do them all this color or change it up. Now that we have a month left of classes, we can't make anything else new. Too bad that I thought of making bakeware now instead of when we were throwing these. Maybe if I have the chance I will take another ceramics class and do just that. (Ignore the nasty white stuff in these photos. It has since melted for today, though I'm sure it will be replaced with more later tonight.)




I am determined to get some sewing time in this week now that the big items are off my list. I hope your Tuesday is going great!


Sana Saroti said...

OMG! It snowed already?
I think that wall hanging is adorable. Would have never thought this was a first try! And the bowls are great, too. Are you gonna keep it all?

Toni said...

Those bowls are fabulous! I love the speckles in the glaze. Your wall hanging is cool, too!

Cille said...

Beautiful ceramic bowls... Are you seriously telling me this was your first quilt. I'm impressed. It sure beats my first quilt any time...

Janine said...

I think your quilt is fab and I like your bowls too :)

Pam said...

Fabulous quilt/wall hanging. The bowls look great, too.

stitchinglife.com said...

Love those bowls! You did a great job with the quilt too. Thanks for stopping by yesterday :-)