Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes: January FO

I honestly wasn't sure if I would get this done. I've been MIA here for two weeks thanks to a nasty virus and the craziness at work. Creating anything has been a challenge but I do have some things to show for it.

John Deere Mini

Part of the reason why I took so long on this mini quilt is that I was going back and forth on how to make the top. I had planned on fussy cutting the motifs and piecing them with other fabrics. Then I realized that I really was making this to please Chad. He doesn't like any sort of modern piecing and I know he wouldn't have appreciated anything like that. So I decided to cut the fabric to size and quilt it with straight (ok, sort of straight) lines.

John Deere Mini

Well I don't know what he thinks of it yet and won't until I see him on Saturday. Opposite schedules and all.

On my initial link up post, someone asked me what sort of living room decor would go with John Deere. Well... it may be odd to some, but it does. Chad has a collection of farm equipment miniatures and the rest of the living room is Western decor. That's what happens when you have two country loving people. Chad grew up on a small cattle ranch in North Dakota as well (in fact, the chaps, spurs, and hat were his late father's). The +B that is burned into the wall is his family brand, still registered to Chad. We do also have a full size tractor in our garage even though we live in town. Despite living in a farm-centric area, that is not the norm.

Living Room
Living Room

Where was I? Oh yeah, linking up with Sew BitterSweet Designs and Fiber of All Sorts. Please join in for February, if you aren't playing along. I have to decide what my next project will be and will share it over the weekend or early next week.


Cindy Sharp said...

It looks perfect for you and Chad!

Janine said...

I think it's great to have home decor with a sense of place and history. Your miniquilt will go perfectly :)