Thursday, January 17, 2013

WIP Update

This week is just flying by for me. Work is crazy; subzero weather tends to do that for the transportation industry so it is expected. I even forgot to snap a photo of my Woodland Sampler, though progress has been minimal due to work.

Cora WIP
Barnwood WIP

Other than that, I have been knitting on my sweater and cast on a new cowl. The sweater I was hoping would be finished by Saturday but it won't. I'm at the waist and have two long sleeves to knit as well. The new cowl is in a color that is out of my comfort zone but I was just drawn to it. I'm loving it and am even considering a sweater in the same colorway.

So this is short and sweet. I am itching to have a knit FO and need to get cracking. Please don't remind me that I would be closer to a finish if I would stop casting new projects on. It occured to me but just like any other project, they scream to be started.

See you soon!

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