Thursday, January 10, 2013

WIP Update

Whew. Between work, caring for a sick boyfriend, cleaning up after said boyfriend, and working near obsessively on my sweater, I haven't had time for anything else. Knitting time hasn't even been that much either because of it all. Such is life, right?

Cora WIP

All I have to share this week is my progress on my sweater and the little progress I have made on my Woodland Sampler. That is my project for the leftover time I have on my dinner break, so 20-30 minutes most work days. It's slow going but that's ok as it fills some dead time I may have otherwise.

Woodland Sampler WIP

I do have an idea for my first Project Quilting project. With Chad being sick, it's been more challenging to sew. I am determined to get to it tomorrow night if he is feeling better, otherwise work on it feverishly Friday night and all day Saturday.

The last new thing this week here is a running tally of books I read/listen to. I used to eat up books, sometimes reading hundreds and hundreds a year. This was before I started sewing, knitting, and doing all the other things that take up my free time. Last year I read one or two books from cover to cover. So this year, I am setting a goal of reading six and listening to fifty. I plan to listen while I knit so the latter goal should be an easy one to meet.

Hope your week is treating you well!


Kit Abbate said...

Is the sweater your own design? I love it and the color is just amazing!

Katie said...

Thank you, Kit! The sweater is one I am testing for the designer Andrea Black. Her project page is here: The design doesn't have a spot in the Ravelry library yet but is due to be released soon.