Friday, March 1, 2013

To Do First: March

Well, it's the first of the month and that means it's time to see how I did on my to do list for February and share my plans for March. As you know, I always plan way more than I can do. Because of this, there isn't much new for March. I'm going to be concentrating on finishing the projects I have going, but there are a couple things that I either have to finish or that start this month.

Let's kick it off with February's list.

Must Do:

1. Cora test - I'm still on the sleeves.

2. Joji Mystery Shawl - didn't start.

3. Sermon Mystery - I'm still on the first clue.

4. Itasa Stole - didn't touch.

5. New Beginnings Mystery - didn't touch.

6. Denise shawl - finished. I haven't posted about it yet but should get to that this month.

7. Madison test - finishing sleeves and have to knit the band.

8. Boo Knits Mystery - I started this one but haven't made it past clue 1.

9. Sourwood Mountain - no progress.

10. Olympic National Park shawl - didn't start.
11. Canyonlands shawl - didn't start.

12. Cowboy Cowl - didn't start.

Knitting WIPs

Might Do:

1. Mystery Sock - didn't start.

2. Driftwood - didn't touch.

3. May Day Shawl - still working away on this one, slowly.

4. Abalone - didn't start.

5. Age of Brass and Steam - didn't start.

6. 28's Big Sister 77 - didn't start.

7. Business Casual socks - didn't start.


Must Do:

1. Project Quilting - I completed one of the challenges for this month. The second wasn't enough of a challenge for me to just make something up. There are two left in March for the season.
2. Handstitched mini - didn't touch.

3. Kaleidoscope back - didn't start.

4. Baste and quilt Drunkard's Path - didn't get to this yet.
5. Emerald challenge - I have my design sketched out and know what fabrics I will be using.

6. Sugar Block Club - I picked out my fabrics but didn't sew them up yet.

7. Thread Catcher - finished.

Might Do:

1. Row QAL - didn't start. I still need to buy my background solid before I can even think about it.

2. Weekender - didn't start.

3. Low Volume top - I still have to get some fabrics for this top before I can start.

4. Dogwood Blossom - didn't start.


Must Do:

1. Nesting Place needlebook - didn't touch.

2. Edward Gorey Stitch-a-long - didn't start.

3. Woodland Sampler - I'm still plugging away at January.

4. Reindeer banner - didn't start.

Might Do:

1. Garden Tote - didn't touch.

2. Dessert of the Month - didn't touch.

3. White on White - didn't start.

4. Sampler from school - didn't touch.

5. Cloth from EEC class - didn't touch.

Not so good, but some progress is better than none. For March, I will be adding the following.


Must Do:

1. Tank top test - another test knit (and the last for awhile). I won't be able to share this until April as the design is being published. Should be a quick one to do up compared to the long sleeved sweaters I have been working on.

Yarn for a tank top

Might Do:

1. East Gable Shawl - a beautiful shawl that is paired with a lovely green yarn. Inspired by the Anne of Green Gables books.


Must Do:

1. Honeycomb SAL - hosted by Jenelle. Instructions have started and I am as far as picking out my fabrics.

2. Road to Round Rock QAL - hosted by Judy. Fabrics have been ordered and are on their way. This starts March 16th.

3. A Year of Lovely Finishes - I will post tomorrow about what I pick.

Might Do:

1. Curved tree mini - a project from Curves Class. It's more winter/holiday themed but I would like to get it finished so I'm ready next winter.

2. Zig Zag top - from the QAL two (?) years ago. I have the fabrics and just need to get started on it.

Nothing new for the embroidery category this month. My focus is on the deadline items and also on my FAL list. I will hopefully finish one item and make good progress on the rest.

What are your plans for the month?

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Shanna said...

Katie, you can do it! I love making lists because it helps me to know where I am going, even if I meander through a few projects to get there I know the end goal! You will get to your end goal!