Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sugar Block Club

I am so excited to share with you my progress on these blocks! I joined in with Amy's club back in January and really did nothing to play along until this past week. Well, I guess I have been collecting fabrics to use, but that is all. The only reason these happened is due to the change in my mindset towards my free time. I will talk more about that next week, but I have found a way for myself to be more productive.

Sugar Block Club: January-March

Let's get on with the blocks. First up is January. Because the block looks like tulips to me, I decided to pick fabrics that would convey tulips in the (dirty) snow. Let's face it, snow is only white for a short time once people/animals/vehicles get involved.

Sugar Block Club: January

Next is February. This was the first time I have ever paper pieced by machine. I just never have had the inclination to do so and really am not impressed enough to seek it out. It was easy for me to grasp, but so wasteful and tedious. That being said, I do have a project waiting that involves a bit of paper piecing.

Sugar Block Club: February

Lastly, is March. This block is my favorite pairing of background and batiks. The penguin peeking in the center kills me (and was completely unintentional).

Sugar Block Club: March

It feels so good to be caught up with these. I can't wait to see what the rest of the blocks will look like. There is a growing pile of text fabrics and batiks waiting to join these.

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