Saturday, March 16, 2013

On Free Time and a Little Stashing

I briefly mentioned in my last post that I've made some changes to how my free time is spent. I'm going to share that but first show some of my recent stash acquisitions. Don't let the lack of yarn fool you; I have welcomed more skeins into my life than I would rather publicly admit.

I got my fabrics for the Road to Round Rock QAL. I don't care for the polka dot print with the others, which was not my first choice anyway. I got notification that the print I wanted is back in stock, so it's on its way to me now. The QAL just started today so there is time to join in if you want.

Road to Round Rock Fabrics

A few other fabrics snuck along for a ride. I love everything that Lizzy House comes up with, so of course I had to get some of her Constellations prints.

Some New Fabrics

I also bought some new books. I have only paged through these but hope to dig in soon.

New Books

As for my free time, or should I say time I am not at work/sleeping/taking care of the house, I'm taking a different approach. The way things have been going, I have only been knitting, which is fine, but it means I don't work on any of the (many!) sewing projects I have on deck. After brainstorming over why this is, I decided that I waste the free time I have before going to work each day. I don't spend that time knitting since I like to knit in large chunks of time so instead, I just relax and really, waste a couple hours each weekday.

Knowing this, I decided to try sewing in the time before work. With sewing, I find I am satisfied with a shorter time window. In an hour or two, I can sew enough seams without ironing, and then the next session I can iron them out. Cutting is also something that I can only do for so long, so doing that before work has been great.

I don't have any fruits of my labor to show really, other than the Sugar Block Club blocks I shared last time, but I can say the past couple weeks have been very productive for sewing projects. This way, I also get to spend a couple hours after work knitting without guilt. (Guilt over not sewing, that is.)

Embracing New Technology

Another new thing is an updated smart phone. My old one (the smaller one with the cracked screen) wasn't useful for doing much online. With my new one, it's easier for me to type on the screen so I have been working into the habit of using it to answer emails and read blogs. Some days this has been useful, but it all depends on the time I have to check up on things. Most of that time is at work, so if the office is not busy, I am able to be on my phone.

And you know what else a new phone means, right? I new phone case. As you can tell, my old one won't quite work any more.

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Pam @Threading My Way said...

Love that blue dot fabric in the middle of the pile, Katie. Well done on finding time for sewing. When I'm really busy, I'll sew for short periods of time and it's amazing how quickly a project can come together. I tend not to make as many mistakes, too, because I'm not forcing myself to finish when I'm tired and really should give up.