Sunday, February 3, 2013

To Do First: February

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you probably know I am overly ambitious. I always have a lot going on and plan on doing so much more. The upside is that I am never bored. The downside is that I do take on too much at a time and don't get things done as quickly as if I focused. It's something I'm working on changing a little; don't get me wrong, I like variety but I do need more focus.

That being said, let's see how my to do list for January turned out.


Must do:

1. Cora test - I finished the body by the designer's deadline and have to finish the sleeves. I grossly underestimated how long it takes to knit a sweater. I am hooked though and have many more in my future.

2. Joji Mystery Shawl - I didn't start this one but love the final outcome so it will be done in the coming months.

3. Sermon Mystery - I'm still on the first clue but clues are still coming out so the final design is a mystery.

4. Itasa Stole - I cast on New Year's Day and haven't knit on this one since then.

5. New Beginnings Mystery - same as above.


Might do:

1. Mystery Sock - I didn't start but I love the socks and will knit soon.

2. Driftwood - didn't touch. This is on my FAL list so that will change.

3. May Day Shawl - I'm nearly done with this one. A couple more nights on it and it will be finished.


Must Do:

1. Proect Quilting - so far, so good. I completed both challenges for January and am still making it my goal to finish the final four.

2. Handstitched mini - didn't touch. This is another FAL item.

3. Kaleidoscope back - didn't start.

4. Baste Drunkard's Path - didn't do and I also haven't shared the finished top with you. It's just been so very cold, too windy, or snowing. Such is winter here in my neck of the woods. As soon as the elements align I will snap some photos.

5. Emerald challenge - didn't start.

Might Do:

1. Row QAL - didn't start.

2. John Deere mini - finished!


Must Do:

1. Nesting Place needlebook - didn't touch.

2. Edward Gorey Stitch-a-long - didn't start.

3. Woodland Sampler - I'm making progress but not finished with January's motif. This is the perfect project for working on during my dinner breaks. I completely forgot to take a picture of this but will share it in my next WIP update.

Might Do:

1. Garden Tote - didn't touch.

2. Dessert of the Month - didn't touch. This is what I will work on at work as I get caught up each month with the Woodland Sampler, so that's ok.

3. White on White - didn't touch.

Ok. To make my list for February even crazier, all the unfinished and not started projects above, are being carried over. I am started a new rule for myself that I can't start a new project until I finish two. This will (hopefully) cut down on how many projects I have in progress. With that being said, on to my list for February.


Must Do:

1. Denise shawl - a test knit I am doing. I have started could possibly finish over the weekend.

2. Madison test - another test knit for the same designer as Cora. I am waiting on my yarn to arrive in the mail before I can cast on.

3. Boo Knits Mystery - yarn is here and I need to order beads. This one starts on Valentine's Day.

4. Sourwood Mountain - a WIP from last fall that is on my FAL list.

5. Olympic National Park shawl - this is my project for The Loopy Ewe's First Quarter Challenge. Due date is the end of March but I want to get this one done asap.

6. Canyonlands shawl - this is another shawl in the National Park series. I want to knit all four by the end of March.

7. Cowboy Cowl - this is knit in a heavier weight yarn so it should be a quick one.

February Yarn

Might Do:

1. Abalone - this was going to be my next sweater before I signed up to test Madison.  Yarn is wound and ready after I finish that one.

2. Age of Brass and Steam - a little knit that I will be adding beads to.

3. 28's Big Sister 77 - I had this on my list to knit last fall but didn't get around to it.

4. Business Casual socks - there is a KAL going on for this pattern this month. I would love to join in but am not sure how I will fit it in.


Must Do:

1. Project Quilting - two more challenges will be posted this month. Next one is Sunday!

2. Sugar Block Club - I joined late in January so it didn't go on my list. I want to sew up both the January and February blocks this month.

3. Drunkard's Path - baste and quilt.

4. Thread Catcher - this is a small item that I keep putting of making.

Might Do:

1. Weekender - I bought this pattern when I first started sewing again a couple years ago. I think I am ready to tackle it and have been inspired by everyone's versions that have been popping up online.

2. Low Volume top - I still have to get some fabrics for this top before I can start.

3. Dogwood Blossom - this is from the Handstitched class. I want to make the Medallion quilt but know it will be a slow project for me.


Must Do:

1. Woodland Sampler - finish January and February motifs.

2. Reindeer banner - this is Christmas themed but I know it will take me some time to do. I want to work on it slowly over the course of this year.

Might Do:

1. Sampler from school - I don't think I ever shared the start of this. It was going to be for an assignment but I didn't finish in time. I still want to stitch it up for me.

2. Cloth from EEC class - I need to find it so I can work on it.

Wow, sorry this post was so long. Wish me luck finishing a bunch of these so my list in March is shorter. Otherwise, I may just have to spend March only working on WIPs.

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