Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

This is going to be a short one. I haven't been able to work on too much this past week as I have been busy with work and housework, and also re-evaluating some things. I take on way too much all the time and I finally have hit the place where this needs to change. So, expect few projects in progress at one time and hopefully, more finished items. Let's just not talk about the pile of things I have waiting to photograph properly.

My projects this week are the Denise shawl, my Cora sweater (half a sleeve is done!), my Woodland Sampler, and some fabrics I pulled for the Project Quilting challenge due Sunday. I am not a pleased with the black and white prints here but find I am lacking in those in my stash. This is going to be a Make It Work moment for me.


I was tempted to start a new project. I just wanted something quick to knit up so I was going to work on a hat. I have the yarn and pattern, I just can't find the right size needle. I know I have them but they are not where they should be. I'm taking this as a sign I need to stick with my resolution to only start a new item after finishing two.

Posting for me may be sparse as I solidify the changes I am working towards and also concentrating on finishing some projects. See you soon!

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Cille said...

Ha ha... It sound very familiar :) I used to be really good at doing one project at a time and finish up before starting a new. Not so anymore... 2012 came and went and with it so many unfinished projects. My new rule to love by is that I have to finish a wip and only then I can start a new project. Lets see how it goes...;)