Sunday, December 30, 2012

100 Day Hustle Recap

With under 30 hours left of 2012 for me, it seems like a good enough time to recap how I did on this challenge. My list was very ambitious considering how much I was working when I wrote it up.


1. Sundry Shawl: this is nearly done and I'm hoping to count it as a finish tomorrow. I have about 100 yards left of my yarn and will knit until I have enough left to bind off. I don't have a current photo of this, so you just have to imagine a dark gray section after the slip stitch pattern.

Sundry WIP

2. Sharktooth: done!


3. Five by Five Cowl: done! I haven't written up a post on this one yet, but here is a photo of it on our deck.

Five by Five Cowl Finished!

4. 28's Big Sister 77: didn't even start this one.

5. Abalone: didn't start knitting it. The yarn is wound, however, so it will get done in 2013.

6. Driftwood: didn't touch this one. I had to snag the needles for another project as well, so I won't work on it until I either finish the other one or buy another circular in this size.

7. Secret present for a friend (Zombie Girl): done!

Zombie Girl

8. Pei Cowl: done!

Pei Cowl

9. Bella's Mittens: done! I haven't written this one up either as it's too cold to show off the length of these when wearing them.

Finished Bella's Mittens

10. Garter Stitch Scarf: done!

Garter Stitch Scarf

11. Age of Brass and Steam: didn't start.


1. Drunkard's Path quilt top: the blocks are done and I will sew them into rows tomorrow. Be looking for a finished top post early in January.

DP Blocks

2. Kaleidoscope quilt top: done! Quilting to come next year.

Kaleidoscope Top Finished!

3. Zig Zag quilt: didn't work on this one. It has a slot next year though.

4. Low Volume quilt: didn't start. The charms came later than planned but even if I had got them earlier, it wouldn't have been touched. I still need to buy the other fabrics that will go into this one as well.

5. Medallion quilt: didn't touch.

6. Garden tote: didn't work on this one.

7. Bird needlebook (The Nesting Place): didn't work on this one either.

8. Curved tree mini: didn't start.

9. Cloth from Embroider, Embelish, Create class: didn't touch.

10. Dessert of the Month cross stitch: didn't touch.

11. Reindeer banner: didn't touch either. With this being Christmas themed, I put it out of my thoughts. I think I have to commit to stitching this throughout 2013 so it will be ready for next Christmas.

Not too bad, but this list just shows how everything took a back seat to knitting. The projects that didn't get any love are at the top of my list to tackle in 2013. More on that in a couple days.

Thank you, Kelsey, for thinking this up and hosting!


Kelsey said...

So much beautiful knitting!! That's one of my 2013 goals! Thanks for joining in :)

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your completed projects. Love the kaleidoscope quilt top!!!

Lizzie said...

Love your scarves, they look fantastic. Its that time of year to be snuggled inside one. ITs hard to find the balance between knitting and sewing but you did well.

Carolyn said...

Beautiful knitting projects. My knitting took the back seat to my sewing this year. I see a new hat in my future.