Friday, December 14, 2012

WIPs and Birthday Reflections

Today is my birthday. 31st, to be exact. It doesn't have the special feeling that turning 30 had but I'm ok with that. I've never been into huge parties or making big deals over birthdays. This is however, the time of year I reflect on my personal goals and set them for the coming year. I will be spending time solidifying those over the weekend (in between house chores and working on projects, that is.).

I'm going to take advantage of this planning session to get my goals in line for my creative growth as well. Those I will share at the end of the year as I go over how I did on my ambitions for this one.

As fas as WIPs go, it is all knitting still. I did transfer a couple embroidery patterns to stitch up but didn't take a photo of them.

My Five by Five cowl has grown a lot. It was my car knitting for my work trip to Minneapolis and also what I bring to work to knit on if I have time over my dinner break. I'm past the required 400 yard mark, which brings it to be able to looped around my neck 2 1/2 times. I'm going to go until I get to 3 and then finish it off. Should be within the next week.

Five by Five WIP

I also have been working on dishcloths. I don't use anything else at home and am in need of some more. The finished one I did during my trip and the other I have been working on casually. There will be more but I'm not sure if I will share them. They aren't really the most exciting knit out there.


I completed the bind off on the latest mystery knit I did. I blocked it since this photo was taken and will share the finished item soon. I have a growing stack of knits to photograph and no motivation to do it in the cold.

Mystery WIP

Hope everything is going well with you and yours. Be back soon!

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Janine said...

Belated Happy BirthdayI I hope you had a lovely day and will have a great year ahead :)