Thursday, September 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday

It's been two months since I have written one of these posts and I figure it's about time to get back into the routine. I am changing up the format I use and instead of talking about every project I have going, I am going to just talk about the projects I have worked on.

Lately it's all about knitting. I realized last night that I have six active projects on needles right now. Yes, that's right, six. I may or may not have cast on the latest one right before that realization and am determined to finish at least two projects before I even eye any other skein in my stash.

First up is my garter stitch scarf. This was the first project I ever cast on and it remains unfinished. The sad thing is that I had this one going when I moved in with Chad, so it's been on needles for at least two years! While I love the color I am not too fond of the yarn. It's either 100% acrylic or at the very least a blend. I don't recall exactly and the bands from the skeins are long gone. I will finish it however and hopefully use it every once in a while.

Garter stitch scarf WIP

This is half of a cuff for a glove. The pattern is called Sourwood Mountain and is my latest new project. I hit a stopping point with my intended project for the Fall for Tosh KAL on Ravelry (more on that below) so I grabbed some more MadelineTosh yarn to cast these on. I have been wanting to knit these up since the beginning of the year and wish I had. The pattern and color are really more suited for spring, but now I can have them for next year. There is going to be a hat knit out of the same yarn as well once I get the needles.

Sourwood Mountain WIP

My alpaca yarn purchase from the local fiber fest is coming along nicely as a Pei cowl. Most of the detail can't be seen here and won't be that visable until it's done and blocked.


Sharktooth has hit a stopping point as it has outgrown the needles it is on. I do have some longer ones coming my way, so until this weekend this one is going to remain untouched. I did manage to get two teeth done though and love the pattern so far. I also was going to make this one in the large size but have since decided to make the smaller one. However that may change as well, ha!

Sharktooth WIP

I've got to the point of adding the contrasting color on my Sundry shawl, although it is hard to tell here. The skeins had more contrast next to each other but now that they are knit up, I can't easily see the difference. I do love the softness of the yarn and am going to keep going with it until the end.

Sundry WIP

Lastly, here is my progress on my Driftwood shawl. This pattern came with a yarn club and is not available outside of the club. It's not even on Ravely yet. The yarn color is also called Driftwood and I am in love. I may be considering ordering a sweater's worth of it to knit up.

Driftwood WIP

My goal is to have one of these finished by the end of the weekend. My knitting time is going to be short as I have plans to be out of town either Saturday or Sunday, but I think it is manageable. What are you working on this week?

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Pam said...

How do you keep track of what you are up to with so many projects on the go, Katie? Obviously it's no problem to you. Love both the colour and the pattern on the cuff for the glove.