Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Change of Plans

Just days before the weekend, Chad told me he had to work instead of having the weekend off. There are reasons for this that involved this tough decision, but nothing I can discuss publicly. So we missed out on the Steam Thresher's Reunion. Part of me was disappointed, but on the other hand, I did have time to just relax.

Pedestrian Crossing Cowl

I thought about doing some sewing but really need to clean up my sewing space first. Cleaning was not at the top of my list though as I had done a deep clean on most of the house the weekend before. Instead, I blocked a couple knit items and finished another. I also started a new project and wound yarn for others. There are three mystery knit-a-longs I am doing right now, though I'm not pressuring myself to keep up. It's all good because all of them involve beading, which I have never done, and two of them use lace weight yarn, which is also a first for me. I am not liking it so far though and had a horrible time winding it.

Orion's Belt

Cleaning up my sewing room is going to be a priority this month. I miss my machine and since I joined the Low Volume Swap hosted by Making Rebecca Lynne, I should work on the projects that have been lingering so I can dive into the quilt I have planned for the charms. I also want to find time to photograph the four knit projects I have finished and write up posts on them. That's my plans for the month. How about yours?

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Janine said...

Nice to see you back blogging Katie. I'm glad you'll soon be down to one job again. I've not done much blogging or sewing this Summer either. I'm hoping this month I'll be more productive and less inundated with other things. Your knitting is looking lovely :)