Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Little Change of Weather

Would you believe me if I said 48 hours ago it was 80 degrees outside? Maybe if I wasn't sharing this view from this morning...

First snow!

We got our first taste of winter already and it is only to the delight of Angus (at least in my household). I am ready to hibernate as is Jameson, who wouldn't even slow down long enough to be captured here.

I'm working a different shift this week, covering for another supervisor, so everything is off kilter. I haven't touched any project all week but did manage to snap a couple photos of what I have been making progress on.

I started knitting up the hand part of one of my gloves. This really could be a quick knit if I sat down with it.

Sourwood Mountain WIP

Instead, I have been working on my garter stitch scarf. I only have a little ball left compared to what there was so this project will be coming off the needles by the end of this weekend.

Scarf WIP

There are a few posts I have up my sleeve that I'm going to try to get to in the next week. One of which is my recap for the 3rd quarter of the Finish-a-long. I also bought some new art supplies and have been craving some time to draw.

I am off to bed (dang overnights) and will see you this weekend!


Cindy Sharp said...

SNOW! Sorry you don't like it. I probably wouldn't either if I lived with it all the time.

Sana Saroti said...

Hey Katie! Hard to believe you got snow already! I even told my mom about your post ;-) Well, but I had a somewhat similar situation today. Yesterday, on our national holiday we were walking under a bright blue sky wearing just a T-shirt and today I got soaked on the way home and it wasnt too warm either :( The weather was so nasty, I broke down and bought gingerbread ;-) (Normally, I dont do that before November)
Hope you get more time for crafring soon. I love your second pic!