Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wherein Live Gets in the Way

Has it really been two weeks? Wowza.

Yarn for Shawl

I certainly have been busy and trying to catch good light and weather outside to take photos. Finally today, it was perfect at the same time I was home. I do still have a growing pile of FOs to photograph and am still seeking a good balance in my life.

State Street Cowl

Part of finding balance has been spending time with my loved ones. Without realizing it, my best friend and I went way too many months without seeing each other in person. (Since January!) Schedule conflicts were to blame and finally we set aside an afternoon to get together. It was great and needs to happen more often!

Sundry in Progress

I have this weekend to myself and then the last weekend of this month I am planning on going to an arts and crafts festival with Chad's mother. It is one I have been wanting to go to for a few years but always seem to miss, or it doesn't work out. The only way I'm missing it this year is if it is raining all weekend. Highly unlikely considering how dry it has been, but my luck would bring rain. I will share about it if I go for sure.

Start of Driftwood

A coworker of mine that transferred from Washington had been asking what there is to do here. I listed off ideas of places to bring his family and to my (and his) delight, they have enjoyed them! It makes me want to visit all of my suggestions again and I am happy that he is having fun exploring Minnesota and North Dakota. The latest visit was to the headwaters of the Mississippi River, which is in one of my favorite state parks in Minnesota (don't tell the others I said that, lol). It may not be very populous in my area with lots of urban entertainment, but there certainly are many things to do if a person is willing to drive a little and spend time outdoors.


I will talk more about traveling in another post. I have way too much to say on that subject right now, so look for that in the next couple days. (I do have to add that I'm hoping to be able to travel a little for work soon. It is coming but I don't know when.)

LV Swap Fabrics

Nothing has been happening in regards to sewing. Just lots of knitting and petting of yarn. Seriously, one of the shawls I am knitting is with a silk/baby alpaca blend and it is heaven to touch. I cannot wait to get it off the needles so I can snuggle up with it.

Yarn for Shawl

I have charms to cut for the Low Volume swap as well as a swap piece to finish up. After that is done, I think I have to take a break from swaps that involve me making something. Other than that, I have been thinking about the blogs I read and what I like about the format and what/how information is conveyed. This means I really miss sharing here and seeing what you are up to as well!

Yarn for Cowl

Photos are: 1. Yarn for a Sharktooth shawl (for Fall for Tosh on Ravelry). 2.Finished State Street Cowl (made into more of a capelet; not sure if I am going to frog it and redo it yet). 3. Sundry shawl, or as I like to say, heaven. 4. Driftwood in progress in the perfect color for me. 5. First time beading something and I had to frog it because of dropped stitches. 6. Low Volume Swap fabrics, ready for cutting. 7. Laceweights waiting to be wound for a shawl. 8. Yarn for a peppermint candy cowl. Perfect for winter!

See you soon!


Cindy said...

All of that yarn looks heavenly.

Janine said...

You have some beautiful yarns and your knitting looks lovely. I'm looking forward to hearing about your travels :)