Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Close Calls and Trying New Things

Remember the tree that fell on our garage? Left standing had been two thirds of the upper branches. Chad cut away another third a couple weeks ago because the tree was diseased (explains why it fell in the first place). That left a portion of it standing and only because he wasn't sure how it would fall if he cut it down.

Fallen Tree

Well the wind decided to take care of it for us Friday evening. Fortunately, it didn't hit anything on its way down. However, that space it is occupying right now is where Chad normally parks his pickup. Also to the left is our neighbor's garage which was also spared.
Fallen Tree

A close call that we are very grateful for. All that stands now is the trunk, which I'm sure will be coming down soon. The other day my September installment of The Year in Color Club from Tanis Fiber Arts arrived. I have been a part of this since it started in 2011 and every month the yarn was in a colorway that I would have purchased myself. This one is different. Pumpkin orange is not a color that I am drawn to when given a choice. However, I love this and already know what I am going to knit with it. The club yarns do come with patterns and this month was a pair of socks. I am not feeling the pattern with this yarn so it will go into my pattern file for future use.

September YIC Yarn

I have already wound it since taking the photograph and am only waiting on beads to come in the mail. Sometimes it is nice to try something out of a comfort zone. (Fingers crossed the color suits me once it is knit up.)

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Diane-crewe said...

colour so right for this time of year... lovely