Friday, September 30, 2011


Sometimes, I just need to start something new. Something I've never done before. Even when I have many other projects pending.

Today I was thrilled to see Feeling Stitchy do a post on Swedish Weaving/Huck Embroidery. I had been exposed to this craft when I was in Rollag this summer. I fell in love with the look and was shown the process by a very kind older woman. Once I got back to town, I headed over to my local needle shop to pick up a kit. I had placed the kit in a stack of projects to be completed, but after seeing the reminder online, I decided to pull it out and start it.

I am already hooked on it. As I was doing the zig zag rows I kept thinking of other designs I could make using this technique. For me, patterns and directions are great when I'm beginning, but once I have it down, I like to make up my own thing. And this is so easy to do even though it looks complicated. I like that it's easy to throw in my bag to take with me as well so I can work on it when I have a spare moment. I could even be done with it before the weekend is up.

Swedish Weaving WIP

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