Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Stash Additions and a Quick Finish

The end of last week found me with more packages in the mail filled with fabrics. I do have a couple more pieces of linen coming from an Asian eBay seller, but I think this will be it for some time. Well.. unless I do decide to do the Joann's quilt contest, would requires a receipt proving you bought fabric there.

Speaking of eBay, I had some questions as to where I got the linen piece printed with a map. In case you were wondering, but didn't ask, I bought it from a seller named 4quiltingdcom. They have a listing up for the same piece and I found another seller (who I don't have experience with) who has the same thing for sale:

Now onto some eye candy.

Dead Simple QAL fabrics

My fabrics for the DSQAL. I'm using solids only and am going to make a smaller quilt than others. Mine will be 25"x25".

Stash Sharing

With these fabrics I'm going to make the Enchanted Bow Skirt from this blog. I love the spin that was put on it by using the tower print at In Color Order so I'm pairing that with the orange print, instead of the pearl bracelet. I washed these today and hope to have it started this week.

Stash Sharing

More florals for a quilt project I dreamed up. Details to come later.

Stash Sharing

Stash Sharing

I whipped out a quick project from One Yard Wonders. I've checked this book out from my library a couple times, but never got around to making anything. I really should just buy it because every time I've looked through and found projects I want to make. I love that my library has a large selection of craft books so I can test drive them before purchasing. Also, when I was looking up the link on Amazon, I saw that Rebecca Yaker has another book coming out later this year. I will definately be on the lookout for it once it is released.

Anyway, the project I made is the trash bag for my car. I like my space to be clean, but I do admit I am horrible at keeping my car free of trash. I spend a lot of time in the car during the week, including sometimes having to eat a meal here or there while driving from one place to another. (I know, not the best idea.) I don't notice it until I bring my dogs with me and they rummage through it and tear everything to shreads. Not only does the bag match my interior, it gives me no excuse not to corral that trash.

Completed Project

I also made an apron that was on a pre-printed yard of fabric I got from Spoonflower. No, I didn't show it in my last post and I'm glad I didn't because it was horrible to work with. Not only does the fabric feel cheap, the instructions are not good. I found today while looking around at finished pieces that the designer of the print said they don't sew. ...Wish I would have known that prior to buying it. I definately would not have wasted the money. The print is great, but I would rather have a framed piece of art than this. However, I will make some use of it. I don't wear aprons around anyone but Chad. This is hopefully the last time I mention anything to do with Spoonflower.

I hope your Sunday was great and leads into a good week!

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