Friday, September 16, 2011

Dead Simple Quilt Update

My Kona card arrived yesterday, so I set out to match up the solids with my palette. I was a bit disappointed to find that it's not completely up to date, since I did find a better match for one online when searching for somewhere to buy them from. My Joann's doesn't have the best selection of solids.

So, with as much pomp and circumstance that I can muster today, here's the lineup of fabrics for this quilt.

Peridot, Ice Peach, Mocha (or Nutmeg, if I can find it for sure), Rose (looks so violet on my screen, but on the color card it is a dead-on match), and Pepper.

On another note, I did do some sewing on my KQAL blocks. I still have a little over half to get together and then I will start piecing the top together. I have it in my mind to make the backing into something other than just plain blocks of fabrics, but I haven't assessed what leftovers I have yet from the top.

Also, I've been contemplating doing the quilting contest that Joann's is holding. (Yes, like I really need something else to do right now, right?) After looking at the quilts that won prizes last year, I can see that it's really up my alley as far as style goes. I'm enjoying doing some more traditional piecing and blocks, but I do also love slapping fabric together and creating a work of art from it. Soon I should show you a quilt I made for a class at school. It still needs a little tweeking, but I can show it as it is now. Who knows when I will have time to sit down and give it my attention. Anyway, I've been throwing ideas down in my head and will be sketching a few things out. Depending on what I come up with will determine if I'm going to go for it. The contest does go for a few more months, after all.

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Sana Saroti said...

Hi Katie, thanks for the comment on my palette! I meant to leave one here before but I forgot. Isn't it cool that our palettes resemble each other a little bit? Just means we both have great taste ;-) I can't wait to see your fabrics!