Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meet My Babies

I don't have children. I have dogs. Same thing, right?

Today I want to take a break from my sewing posts. I have been working on a few things around the house, most notably my very bountiful garden. After my crazy working hours last week (over 20 hours between two days!), I've done a little sewing too, but definately don't have much to share. I have decided to join in on another online quilt-a-long, which I will introduce tomorrow after I get the supplies.

Anyway, on with introducing the important beasts (and man) in my life.

Meet Jameson. He's almost 4 years old, a Boston terrier, and a huge baby once he gets to know you. Unfortunately he suffers from fear aggression so more people don't get to see the soft side of him.


Next, meet Angus. He's 3 years old, a Scottish terrier, and has a huge personality. He also costs an arm and a leg thanks to grooming needs.


Expect to see more of them. They are usually by my side when I'm home and crop up a lot in my art work.

As far as introducing Chad, well he hasn't given me the green light to post photos of him, so you'll have to use your imagination. We've been dating for two years and living together for 9 months. He grew up on a farm in North Dakota and is very creative himself. He can also fix nearly everything and amazes me every day. Too sappy? Like any couple, we have our troubles from time to time, but I really am lucky to have found him.

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