Saturday, July 9, 2011

KQAL Update and New Things

This morning I spent some time sewing together my blocks for the KQAL. I want to get them together over the weekend (preferably today due to another project I'm doing tomorrow) so I can get to hand quilting them next week. I do still have to do the pieced back as well and want an idea of how big I need to go with that.

Blocks for KQAL

I am so behind on working on the ZZQAL. I haven't even cut my strips to start sewing them together. Instead of tackling that tomorrow, I've decided to join in on the Christmas Quilt-a-long being hosted by Qubee Quilts tomorrow. I am going to use charms Jovial by Basic Gray as the focus fabric and Kona solids for the top. The backing is a print I picked up at Joann's.

Qubee Quilts' Christmas Quilt-a-long

Last night before I fell asleep I also came up with some other ideas for projects. For now, they are going to be secret, as they involve me learning a new skill before I can even start. I love when ideas just come to me, from out of no where. Anyone experience this? I get most of my ideas right before I fall asleep, in the shower, and when I'm driving to and from work (long-ish commute). I think it's the passive thinking that's the key.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a little something to show off as well.

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