Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I finally finished cutting all the pieces for my kaleidoscope quilt. I haven't used a rotary cutter much, and when I did, it was more random cutting of strips. I found it more enjoyable than using a shears for cutting pieces like these.

KQAL Pieces

The wind picked up a bit while I was outside shooting, so I went inside to play around and photograph arrangements of the prints. The one I'm settled on for now is this one.

KQAL Playing

Like I do with most creative decisions, I let it sit for a couple days and then come back to it. This is one of the most important things I've learned being back in school. I used to always go with my first idea and at times would think of a better way after I was almost finished. With the pace of this quilt, I can take the time to sit on this until the weekend when I'll have time to start sewing it together.

That brings me to my little dilemma that happens from time to time. I know that lack of time is a problem for everyone, and I'm really blessed right now being it's summer that I have many hours during the day to do what I need and want to do. I work part time at night, which sucks at times because Chad and I see each other usually on the weekends only, but it does afford me time to read, garden, play with my dogs (who I will introduce soon), create, cook, clean, or whatever. However, this week my free time is cramped. I'm working more because of the upcoming holiday weekend and also because of the flooding in Minot, ND and in Bismarck, ND. This morning was spent in the garden doing some much needed weeding and trimming. Tomorrow I'm hoping to tackle the cutting for my zig zag quilt. Slowly, but surely.

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