Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quilt-a-Long Updates

I've been meaning to update on these sooner, but I was waiting on the postman to deliver my fabric for the kaleidoscope quilt. Look at the pretties he brought me:

Fabrics for the Kaleidoscope QAL

A nice bundle of 1001 Peeps and Kona solids! I ordered the purple colorway, but there was an error and was sent the dusk colorway for one of the prints. However, the mango Kona didn't look so orange on my monitor, so now it has something to go with in the rest of the quilt. A happy accident.

I have additional purples from the bundle that I purchased that will go into the back if all goes as planned. I'm hoping I have enough fabric from the top and the extra 1/2 yards to do a pieced back. After I do the cutting I'll have a better idea.

I sketched out my color layout for the quilt. I'm not going the scrappy route and want an orderly pattern so this was very necessary for me.

KQAL Layout

As far as the zig zag quilt, I decided on how I'm going to make the backing (another pieced backing) so I went shopping for fabrics. Apparently I have an aversion to solid backings. Here's a scan of my sketches, with the final choice being the bottom one.

ZZQAL Backing Ideas

Since I haven't shown my plan for the top yet either, here's a scan of that sketch:

ZZQAL Quilt Top Sketch

And finally, the rest of the fabrics for the zig zig quilt:

Backing, binding and applique fabrics for the ZZQAL

The blue, white, and red are for the backing. The eagles with flags are for the appliqued stars and the stars are for the binding.

Cutting for both of these will happen either tomorrow or Monday. This may make a good task to do while watching NASCAR with Chad in the afternoon.

I'm thinking I may have to split updates on these two quilts into different posts from now on, as I'm not going to be working on both of them on the same day. This may be the start to some kind of schedule for myself.


Jo said...

Lovely fabrics for your kaleidoscope. I'm impressed you're doing two at the same time!

Katie said...

Thanks! I have more projects than these in the works too. :)

Sharon M said...

Love your fabrics. Your kaleidoscope quilt is going to be beautiful. I was going to do a zigzag but I have too much in the works because I'm doing the yoyo quit too. Looking forward to seeing your quilt.

Sharon M said...

Forgot to leave my blog since we are doing the same quilt.