Monday, April 1, 2013

To Do First: April

Seriously, how is it April already? On one hand, time is moving way too fast and on the other, I am happy to see March gone. It's my least favorite month and historically a difficult one for me.

Before getting to my lists, I have to admit my goal of fitting sewing in every day wasn't met. I started experiencing severe back pain a little over a week ago and with no cause or solution for it, kneeling on the floor to cut or lay out fabrics isn't in the cards. Hopefully this will pass and I can get back to working on all of my projects.

First, my March recap.


1. Joji Mystery - still haven't started.
2. The Sermon - didn't touch.
3. New Beginnings - didn't touch.
4. Cora - stuck on the damn sleeves.
5. Itasca - didn't touch.
6. Mystery Sock - didn't start.
7. Driftwood - didn't touch.
8. May Day Shawl - finished. Will post more about it in April.
9. Madison - finished. Another one I will post about in April.
10. Boo Knits Mystery - didn't touch.
11. Sourwood Mountain - didn't touch.
12. Olympic National Park - finished. Yet another post to come.
13. Canyonlands - started on Saturday and have the rest of the edging to finish.
14. Cowboy Cowl - didn't start.
15. Abalone - didn't start.
16. Age of Brass and Steam - didn't start.
17. 28's Big Sister 77 - didn't start.
18. Business Casual - didn't start.
19. Tank top test - I have started and have to finish by April 15th. I can't share any photos until after then either.
20. East Gable Shawl - started.

March Knitting FOs


1. Project Quilting - well, I skipped one challenge because I didn't feel it posed a challenge and didn't get back into the rest. The season is over so this will come off my list.
2. Row QAL - didn't start.
3. Handstitched mini - haven't touched.
4. Kaleidoscope back - didn't start.
5. Baste and quilt Drunkard's Path - didn't do. Will explain more in my FAL post.
6. Emerald Challenge - started but didn't finish in time for the challenge deadline. In other words, it still isn't done.
7. Sugar Block Club - caught up.
8. Weekender - didn't start.
9. Low Volume top - didn't start.
10. Dogwood Blossom - didn't start.
11. Honeycomb SAL - I changed my mind on fabrics and haven't started.
12. Road to Round Rock QAL - I've started but my back issues have stalled me.
13. Dog dish mat - didn't start.
14. Curved tree mini - didn't start.
15. Zig Zag top - didn't start.

Sugar Block Club: January-March


1. Nesting Place - didn't touch.
2. Garden Tote - didn't touch.
3. Dessert of the Month - didn't start.
4. Gorey SAL - the SAL for this one is over so I'm taking it off. I do like the idea of stitching one of Gorey's illustrations so it may make its way back here.
5. White on White - didn't start.
6. Woodland Sampler - caught up.
7. Reindeer banner - didn't start.
8. Sampler from school - didn't touch.
9. Cloth from EEC class - didn't touch.

Woodland Sampler WIP

Now for April. I'm not adding too many new things as I'm really trying to finish up WIPs first.


1. Patina socks - the March club package from Tanis Fiber Arts
2. Juego - a MKAL on Ravelry.
3. Love Letters socks - another KAL on Ravelry.
4. Pooling Socks Challenge - hosted by Judy.
5. Second Quarter Challenge - for The Loopy Ewe. It hasn't been announced as of yet so I'm not sure what I will be knitting up.


1. Forest QAL - I posted about this earlier this month.
2. Quilted Block Holder - as seen here. I love the idea of having something pretty to rangle those rouge blocks.

Nothing new in the embroidery category.

What do you have on your to do list for April?

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