Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Upcoming Knit-a-longs

The next month or so is going to be knitting heavy in my world. There are two KALs I am participating in and some double dipping between the two.

This comes along with a change in the shift I'm working, so who knows how my productivity will be. Back when I was going to school, the early morning hours were ideal for getting things done.
I thought I would share my goals for knitting through the end of may and tell you about the KALs in case you want to join in.

The first is the Spring Tanks, Tops, and Tees KAL hosted by Shannon of luvinthemommyhood. Basically any top without long sleeves. I have three (!) projects planned. Don't worry too much about my sanity. Two of them qualify for the other KAL as well.

The KAL runs from April 24th to May 22nd. The project I am casting on first, and hope to finish in a week, is the Gemini tee. I am knitting it out of a single ply made from merino wool, alpaca, and silk from The Woolen Rabbit. It feels like heaven to touch. The colorway is called Plum Island.

Yarn for Gemini

Before talking about the other garments, I will tell you about the madness that is Mad May. This is a KAL that runs in the MadelineTosh Lovers group on Ravelry. It runs for all of May and projects have to use MadelineTosh yarn.

I have ten projects planned, with another possible one. Those ten would be two garments, four (maybe five) hats, three cowls, and a pair of fingerless gloves. Completely nuts? Yes... but I'm going for it. I will probably have to not knit for a few days after the madness is over.

This winey purple will be a cardigan called Low Tide.

Yarn for Low Tide

This brown/blue/black combo is going to be a sweater called Window to My Soul.

Yarn for Window for My Soul

The next photo has the yarn for the hats I have planned. From left to right they will become Drizzle, For Good Hat, Chelsea Market Hat, and Rosebud.

Yarn for hats

Finally, this photograph shows the yarn for the cowls and mittens. From left to right they wll become a Honey Cowl (pink and green), Heart on a String, Cowboy Cowl, and Goldilocks Mittens (two on the right, held together as one).

Yarn for cowls and mittens

I don't have the yarn yet for the other hat I'm considering knitting. I traded the second skein of the bright blue above for an iris (blue-violet) skein and it's currently on its way to me.

Care to join in? No need to go as crazy as I am. There are seperate categories for whatever you would want to knit or crochet for Mad May.

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