Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Summer of Color: Week 1

I stumbled upon The Summer of Color a little over a week ago. I intended to share about it here, just in case there were others who didn't know, but time got away from me. In the link up this week, it seems to be paint heavy, but a person could link up a fiber related project that uses the colors for that week.

Summer of Color: Week 1

The timing of finding this was perfect. It's been too long since I have sat down with my art supplies and I will be using this link up as a push to get back to them. The colors this week were cirton green and turquoise. I grabbed my favorite watercolor set and some paper and just put color down. I didn't have a plan and in the end, decided to journal a bit over it. I'm not entirely happy with it but it's a start.

In other news, my new obsession is to perfect the art of taking photographs in that glow that comes with sunset. My model wasn't very cooperative today so I only managed the one. He was more interested in getting Angus to chase him around the yard.

Jay at Sunset

I still have so much to share with you and will have more after next weekend. I will be going on a bit of a road trip to Chad's hometown and my trusty camera will be coming along for the ride.


Shahrul Niza said...

Hello, Katie :). This is a sweet journal, your handwriting is beautiful :).

Sharon Fritchman said...

I really like your photo, even though your model wasn't cooperating! And your art journal page is perfect for the first challenge of the SOC! I love it!!!!

Kristin said...

So happy to have you playing along! Your journal page is just beautiful - the colors are crisp and bright - and your journaling is so pretty.
AND your puppy is adorable in that light, you captured it well even if he wasn't into posing ;) xoxo

Kelly_Deal said...

This is lovely Kate! The colors look awesome!

Anne Manda said...

Beautiful summer page! <3

Tracey Fletcher King said...

That is a lovely journal page and a delightful take on the colour theme...xx

AnnieC said...

Love the soft watercolour version of the colours, it loks gorgeous and I'm very jealous of your handwriting! :o)x