Saturday, August 4, 2012

What I've Been Up To

Mostly working, but a little bit of creative output here and there. This is probably going to be the case until someone is hired and trained in to do my previous job duties so in the meantime, I am putting in at least 12 hours at day at work. Most days I don't even turn on my computer and I have to say that I miss the connections I have made here. I hope to get caught up with what you have been doing and will share some images of my makings over the past couple weeks.

I finished my Line Break shawl for Camp Loopy just in time. I still need to block this though and once I do that, I will write up a post on it.

Finished Line Break

I also started my third project for camp, the Orion's Belt shawl. It's slow going right now (the cast on was 300 stitches) but I have confidence I will make it. I am hoping to reach the half way point by the end of the weekend.

Orion's Belt Progress

On the topic of knitting, when I popped into my LYS to check out the bamboo needles they had on clearence, this shawl pin jumped into my hands. I am in love and looking forward to the fall when I can put it to use outside of a photo shoot.

New Shawl Pin

I treated myself to some yarn as a gift to myself for my promotion. Probably more than I needed to but I was feeling generous. I don't have a photo because it really is quite a lot and I don't have all of it yet. Also coming up next weekend is our local Fiber Fest and I am setting aside some money for purchases there. I will also be treating myself to some new fabric purchases with my next paycheck.

I finished up the needlebook for my secret partner in the RATZ swap. I haven't mailed it yet because getting to the post office was near impossible last week but it will go out Monday. I am probably going to make one of these for myself too as I love the combination of the owls with the gray print (which I think is from the Washi line if I remember right).


And finally, I received the needlebook from my swap partner. It came all the way from Ireland and is so perfect for me! I love the fabrics she used as well as the embroidery. The extras bits are great as well and I cannot wait to put this to constant use.

RATZ Swap Received!

RATZ Swap Received

That about sums up my creative time. I may not post again until next weekend unless I somehow am able to work less this week. I hope everything is going well with you and will be checking in at your spaces soon!


Pam said...

Your shawl is beautiful, Katie! Good on you for treating yourself to yarn. Sounds like you deserve it, working those hours. Enjoy Fiber Fest...

Cindy said...

Fiber fest sounds like a good thing. I love the tactile nature of knitting.

Janine said...

Congrats on your promotion! I hope they find someone to fill your old job soon. Your shawl is gorgeous and the pin is lovely :)

krista said...

hey, fun stuff! congrats on the promotion, goo for you. have fun spending on some new fibers :D